Bente Boe

Cross The River

Benté Boe, born February 16, 1970, is from the city of Tonsberg in Norway.
At the early age of 9 years, she made her first appearance on a nation wide radio show and has since toured with many different bands and artists through the next 20 years.

Since 1986 she has recorded 3 albums with different bands in Norway, and in 1995 she appeared as an artist at the Norwegian final of the European Song Contest. In 1997 the European Country Music Association in Spain nominated her to 3 categories for their awards. Benté got the award as «European Female Singer of the Year 1996». The nominations were based on air-play from a sampler sent out by Comstock Records in Arizona, USA.

In January 1998 she travelled to the USA and recorded her first album "Cross the River"
The European Country Music Association later nominated Benté to 3 categories in 1999 for their 1998 Awards based on airplay from that album.
Benté received the “Future Star Award 1998”.

I was first introduced to the music of Bente Boe via a track released on the Country Hotdisc. "Memories Of You" was released on the Christmas edition #12a and in my review I stated that I was absolutely knocked out by the lady's voice and would love to hear more. Well thanks to Bente's manager Thor Gilhus, I now have that chance with Bente's first album recorded in the U.S.A.

8 of the 10 songs on "Cross The River" are written by Norwegian songwriters, and the first one, "Love Me Tender", not to be confused with the Elvis song of the same name, is a great song that shows off the power in Bente's voice and is a great track to open up the album with. The tempo is slowed down for the next track "Catch You When You Fall", a power ballad that once again Bente does great justice to with her powerful voice. "Down That Road Before" is a lively country rocker with plenty of harmonica and overdrive guitar that is certain to go down well with the dancers, before the tempo is slowed for the catchy "Kisses In The Moonlight", which starts off very slow but then picks up pace after the first verse

"Cup Of Tea" is the first cover on the album. Written by Harlan S White, the song was recorded by Don Williams in the late 70s. This time Bente sings the song as a duet with a male vocalist (who unfortunately isn't credited on the copy I have) and I do believe I enjoyed this version more than I did the Don Williams original. Another home grown song, "Who Needs A Broken Heart" is a lively song that reminds me of something else, but I can't put my finger on it. Another powerful performance from Bente on this one.

Title track "Cross The River" is another of those power ballads that Bente seems to handle so well, while the tempo is raised for "Lies And Love" with a guitar solo in there that reminds me very much of Pinto Bennett (remember him). Could that be his ex guitarist playing on the session? "Bye Bye Baby Goodbye" is another of those power ballads, that this time tells of a singer losing out in love as her lover finds himself another girl. A regular story in the music business. The album closes with a real rocker, a cover of the Jerry Chesnutt written song, that was a big hit for Travis Tritt a few years ago, "T.R.O.U.B.L.E." , a song that has her sounding a little like Tanya Tucker.

Bente Boe has a terrific voice, that excells with the power ballads, and "Cross The River" is a very good album. I think Bente proves that good country music talent doesn't have to come from America or Canada, and I wonder whether Norway is hiding any more great singers like this.

Check out her website to find out more on this very talented young lady.


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