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Dr Fry's Texas Medicine Band are an 8 piece band out of Houston, Texas, who play a mix of Country Music and Rock and Roll.

Band members consist of; Clifford L. Fry - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar. Ken Bujnoch - Keyboards, Background Vocals. Max Fry - Bass. Nancy Fauber Ho - Vocals. Darelyn Jennings - Vocals. Randy Le Blanc - Electric Guitar. Lance Webb - Drums, Vocals. Kurt Zech - Electric Guitar.

All tracks on the album are written or co-written by Clifford L. Fry.

The album kicks off with a track co-written with Douglas Sharp. "To Love You Right" is a midpaced tune with a chunky rythm, that tells of the dilema of whether to re-kindle an old love affair.

The band show their humorous side with songs like "Fat Farm" a light hearted look at losing weight and "Only Car In My Garage" a song that was released on the ECMA sampler Vol 1, and is reviewed elsewhere on this site. The song is a lively fun song that although not a live track, suggests the band can be a lot of fun in a live situation.

It's back to the 50s with "Sittin' and Starin'", a slow ballad, and "Mr Heavy", a more uptempo song, once again written by the partnership of Clifford L. Fry and Douglas Sharp, that both feature the combined vocals of the 2 lady's in the band, Nancy Fauber Ho and Darelyn Jennings.

"She'll Teach You Like A Child" is a real Honky Tonker that along with the previously mentioned "Only Car" is probably the most country track on the album.

Ballad lovers are taken care of with songs like the Rock power ballad "You'll Never Find Another Like Me" and the promise of never ending love in "Will You Come To Heaven With Me".

"Judy Lou" is a rockin' track with Buddy Holly type undertones while the album closes with the hard rockin' "Texas Medicine", a track that was recorded "live".

Dr Fry's Texas Medicine Band are a band influenced by different styles of music, from 50s Rock & Roll to Country to hard Country/Rock, so this album is not likely to appeal to the pure country fan. But if your tastes in music extend beyond country music then this album is well worth a listen.

To learn more about this very notable band, check out Talking Country for an interview with Clifford L. Fry.


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