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Born in Huntsville, Alabama, on December 15th 1928, Ernie learned to play guitar and sing at an early age, and by the time he was 20 was featured on local radio station WBHP. From there he moved to Nashville and between 1949 and 1955 worked for several radio stations, including WLAC and WSIX. His initial success in the entertainment business however, came from writing songs for country stars such as: Little Jimmy dickens, Carl Smith, Johnny Horton, Wilma Lee Cooper and Paul Anka who recorded Ernie's song : " I Wish." Ernie says he could write songs long before he could play music and at one time was signed as an exclusive writer for Accuff-Rose, Nashville's first music publishing company, who got Ernie a recording deal with MGM in 1955.

Ernie's biggest hit to date is " Talk Back Trembling Lips," a number #1 back in 1963. Not only did it stand on the national country charts for 36 weeks, the song also made a good showing on the pop charts, making it one of the first crossover records.

For ten years from 1960 to 1970 every record Ernie released made the national charts. Of these, 12 were Top 10 Hits. In 1964, his life long dream came true when he joined the Grand Ole Opry cast. Ernie also appeared in the movie "The Farmers Daughter" in 1965.

In 1991 He received the "Living Legend Award" from the Major Independent Record Label Awards Show and that year Curb Records released an album of original recordings of some of his Top 10 Hits from th 1960's. In 1992 He was inducted into the Alabama Music Hall Of Fame, recorded a new album on Playback Records and enjoyed some success with his single "You Changed A Rollin' Stone." The next year He contributed songs on a new gospel album on the Playback Label and in 1993 had a single "I Wish" on the independent charts.

In 1999 he recorded his 35th Grand Ole Opry Anniversary CD. One of the country songs on the CD "She Don't Drink, She Don't Smoke, But She Lies" hit the number # 4 spot on the European Country Music Charts. One of the gospel songs on the CD "Far Side Banks Of Jordan" hit the number #35 spot on the Gospel Charts. He also had a number #1 song on the Independent National Charts "Lonely Only Bar."

In May of 1999 Ernie was voted the #1 most programmed Independent Artist in Europe. At the age of 72, Ernie is still an active member of the Grand Ole Opry and still plays road dates.

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This 15 track, latest album contains 14 from Ernie, with the other, "Play Talk Back Trembling Lips," sung by the songs writer Betty Johnson, who makes a guest appearance on the album.

The album kicks off with the lively "Time Train," a song written by Joe Mack Pigg that made #16 in the EMS charts after it's release on the Country Hotdisc.

The tempo then slows down for the first of 6 songs penned by Jerry Parker. "Beautiful Memories Of You" is a slow waltz that has the subject re-calling happy memories of the time he and his wife have spent together, while other J. P. penned songs on the album include the amusing fun song, "Kissing Time," and "All For Christmas Night" two different songs, unusually, set to exactly the same tune. There's also the slow "When The Blues Hit Your Heart" a song telling of the pain of unrequited love, while "Just Like My Love Without You" is another, albeit slightly faster waltz and "I Can't See Jesus" marks the first of two gospel songs on the album.

Ernie contributes 3 songs to the album with the first being the slow waltz, "I'll Cry Enough For Two," a song that tells of the heartbreak of a failed relationship, while Ernie teams up with Robert G Wittowski and D Deemer to co-write the mid paced "You Can't Blame A Man For Crying" and Joe Mack Pigg for "Borrowed Bottle," the latter containing a strong message for all those who believe it is o.k to drink & drive. Take heed!!!

Other songs on here include the Gary Hockaday penned "Easily Undone," a Steven Wilkinson, Billy Ray Carmack co-write, "I'm Farther Along," and "Staring At The Frame" a song from the pen of Leon Martin, altogether a trio of songs once again telling of the pain of lost love.

"Ain't No Back Door" is the other gospel track on here and comes from the pen of Steve Collom.

With only four out of the 15 tracks on here being uptempo, the album has a very pensive feel to it, but there are some good songs on here and they are performed extremely well by this well loved veteran of the Grand Ole Opry who turned 72 last December.

If you like your country traditional, with a penchant for good, crying in your beer type songs, then this is an album you should definitely have in your collection.

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