Glenda Lynn
I Will


The success of Glenda's last album, Blue Roses, brought her recognition across the industry. One of her songs, Some Monday, reached number one on the Tracker Report of Independent Radio Play. She received Honorary Mention in Music Row Magazine and, in overall response to the album, she was selected as the Best New Female Artist of the Year by Women of

Dennis Banka, the Music Director of Radio Station WUCZ Carthage, TN, was so impressed with Glenda's voice he sent a copy of her album, Blue Roses, to Nashville producer/writer Parker McGee. (writer of songs for Reba McEntire, Crystal Gayle, Barry Manilow, The Carpenters among others, and who also wrote "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight" for England Dan & John Ford Coley) McGee, agreed with Banka's evaluation, and after conversations with Glenda's management, began writing and searching for material for an album project. "I Will" is the result .

From the moment the first track "The Woman Is Smarter" started, I knew I was going to enjoy this review. Glenda has a great voice, and the song, written by the albums producer Parker McGee, is a mid-paced, modern country tune that is sure to get plenty airplay.
Not sure about the title though!! :-)

The tempo slows right down for "If You Could Hear My Heart" a great love ballad, again from the pen of Parker McGee, while "You Fool" is another ballad that this time has her realising what a fool she was to leave the one who loved her, to go chasing her lost youth.

The lively and very commercial "Don't Rush Me" is probably the best bet for a single release. This a terrific track, that has HIT stamped all over it. The song is written by Randy Van Warmer, who also provides harmonies.
The CD also contains a video of this one.

The tempo slows again for the title track, "I Will (If You Will Let Me)," a song that has her declaring her love and commitment to her partner in life and "I'm Not Crying Anymore," a nice ballad, again from the pen of Parker McGee, that tells of finally getting over a lost love.

Second of three tracks on the album, written by Randy Van Warmer, who again provides the harmonies. "Blue Baby Blue" is a wonderful shuffle, co-penned with Parker McGee, that has you hitting the repeat button.

One of my favourite artists, Dan Seals (what's he doing these day's) makes an appearance to provide the harmonies on the excellent, "I Always Dream Of Texas," another Randy Van Warmer/Parker McGee co-write that tells of life on the road for a girl singer, longing for the day she'll return home to the love she left behind.

"Till A Better Memory Comes Along," a song previously recorded by Shelby Lynn, is another story of trying to forget a past love, while "Making Memories Tonight" is a mid-paced tune, again fom the pen of producer, Parker McGee that closes the album.

This is a wonderful album of modern, contemporary country music from a young lady with a great voice, who should certainly have the major labels chasing after her. For me, Glenda is right up there with the likes of Faith and Martina and although the music is modern, it is still very much COUNTRY.

A bonus with the album is that you also get two excellent Video's, ("Don't Rush Me" and "If You Could Hear My Heart") plus a delightful screensaver (already installed on my computer).

Don't miss this one.

Highly Recommended!!