Jolie Holliday


A Real Good Day
Universal Sound Records
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Jolie was born March 17th 1981 in Richardson, Texas. Now just 19, she's had four years of piano under the guidance of Delana Cook and six years of vocal training by Ken Slaughter; Leona Rupert, Debbie Pierot, Linda Septien, (the late) Gary Hogue and Universal Sound recording artist Charlie Shearer. Charlie has been grooming ]olie for quite some time now by making her a big part of his shows, thus bringing her along slow and easy.

Universal Sound have now decided Jolie is ready to release her debut album and what a fine album of modern country music this is! And by that I mean REAL country music and not the 'Nashpop' that so many of todays female artists are recording at the moment.

Some great songs have been chosen for this 10 track album, from some of Nashville's finest writers, with the top pick for me being, probably, the best cover I have heard of Bill Anderson's "Once A Day" since Connie Smith recorded it in 1964. Excellent!!

Other stand out tracks for me are, "All The Good One's Are Gone," the Gary Nicholson penned, "Full Moons, Half Truths And Empty Promises," "Hungry Side Of Love," the mid-paced two stepper "Dreamer," written by Jerry Abbott, who also provides the excellent Cajun flavoured, "Shy Little Bayou Love, a track that is sure to go down well with the linedancers, as will the rolicking "Big Bad Broken Heart," a Mark D. Sanders co-write with Ed Hill.

Other songs on here are, "Somewhere, Someway, Somehow, Someday," the title track, "A Real Good Day" a song whose intro reminds me of Shania Twain's 'Any Man Of Mine.' and a good cover of "Mr Man In The Moon" a song that was such a big hit for Patty Loveless.

Jolie has a powerful voice that does credit to all the songs on here, and there isn't a bad one among them. At just 19 years old, Jolie is still very young and has a lot of years ahead of her, but I firmly believe she has the talent to go all the way to the top.

Make sure you add this album to your collection, it's EXCELLENT!!!