Lou Hobbs

My Songs

"My Songs" is a collection of 12 self penned tracks of mainly rockin music, from Rock-a-Billy Hall Of Famer Lou Hobbs, with 10 of the tracks on here already receiving varying degrees of radio and European chart success following their release on the 'media only' Hotdisc.

The albums opener "Carl Perkins Made Sun Rise," is a play on words that relates of course to Sun Records. It's a lively track, but unfortunately, it didn't appeal much to me and I would probably have opened the album with the much better "Zydobilly," a great cajun track that I defy you to keep your feet still too. Great!!

Also one to get the feet moving is "Rockabilly Baby." This is one of the two songs that haven't been previously released on the Hotdisc, although I can't understand why not, as I feel this would have been a certain hit for Lou.

"Ballad of Narvel Felts" is a clever song that is mixed with clips of some of Narvels hits, before the tempo slows for "Without Your Love," a great love ballad that also hasn't been released on the Hotdisc.

Other tracks on here include out and out rockers like, "My Sweet Nancy," a tribute to his wife, "Living On The New Madrid Fault Line," a tribute to the 'Hemsby' Rockabilly festivals "I Want To Go Back To Hemsby" plus the song he wrote about the disease he has just been diagnosed with, "Parkinsons Disease Blues," a song that let's you know Lou is a fighter who is not going to let the disease get him down.

"Main Street USA" is a clever two paced song that rocks on the verses while alternately slowing down to a 50s style ballad, before Lou closes the album with another tribute, this time to the 'Americana Festival' in "I'll See You At The Americana," a song that as I write has just entered the EMS European Top 30 at #27. I expect this one to do well in the linedancing clubs.

The album also contains a rockin' gospel track "Lady Lost In The Spirit."

This is a good album of all self penned songs from a legend in Rockabilly music. Lou appeared at the Americana festival this year (2000) and the reception he got there has encouraged him to carry on despite his disabilitating illness. Chris and Bev Jackson, who run the very successful festival held every year in Nottingham, England, will be promoting all of Lou's future appearances in the U.K. and he is already booked to appear at the festival again next year.

The album is released on the Americana's own A.I.R. label and is available either direct from Americana Promotions or at selected music outlets.


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