Lynne Taylor Donovan

"Talk To Me"

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Talk To Me
Angel In Your Eyes
Soft Place

Track Listing
Talk To Me; Soft Place; Why Be Blue; Make It On My Own; Turn To Stone; Lies; Silence Says It All; The Doctor; Angel In Your Eyes.

Lynne was born in Vancouver, Canada and had obtained her first guitar at the age of nine. Her first release's were all singles and received greater recognition in Europe and Australia although 'Don't Make Me Lie' did make #1 on the U.S. and European Independent charts although it is not included on this album. Lynne, who now lives with her 13 year old son in the beautiful Okanagan valley, appears at all the major Canadian festival.

She describes her music as new country with a rock edge, but her distinctive husky country voice and the intelligent use of instruments, ensures that the album maintains a country feel and atmosphere about it.
"Lies" and "Angel In Your Eyes" have that bluegrass element about them with the mandolin giving them an authentic sound. "Turn To Stone" gives us something different with the spoken lyric and sung chorus which works very well and there is excellent use of the fiddle and harmonica. "Why Be Blue" is a nice country blues number and there is a good selection of ballads.

Other tracks that I enjoyed were "Talk To Me", "Soft Place" and "Silence Says It All".
In fact there isn't a bad track on the album.

This is a well crafted and produced CD whose songwriters include Earl & Laura Turno and D Rodenburg.
If you like modern and meaningful lyrics coupled with good musical arrangements then this album is for you.
The album will appeal to lovers of country music and also to those on the fringes, with its modern approach, something that is important if we are to keep country music alive and thriving.

Lynne Taylor Donovan certainly deserves recognition with this CD which is as good as anything that I have heard recently from the more established artists.

Lynne will be touring Britain and Europe in spring 2004 so watch out for her.

The album is available from MJM Music Shops U.K.

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