Lance Allen

Right About Now
Universal Sound Records
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Lance and his band have earned the respect of venues and fans around Texas for his distinctive vocals and elements of surprise in the high energy stage show. Lance Allen believes in giving the audience the unexpected. When performing, you never know what he'll do next - he doesn't either - dance on the tables, jump off the stage into the crowd or whatever it takes to captivate and hold an audience. "I get some strange looks," laughs Allen, "I like to be moving constantly when I'm singing. We want the fans, to want to see us again and also please the person who hired us. We devote a lot of time to song selection, stage equipment and special effects to give patrons a show they will remember."

Lance has worked in the restaurant business, been back to college for a degree in accounting, and sold lumber products, but he is now pursuing a career in Country Music. Lance say's he is very excited at the thought of releasing his first CD.

The first single from the CD will be the title track, "Right About Now," a lively honky tonker by awarding winning writers, Larry Boone and Paul Nelson that I expect do well in the charts.

"John Deere Letter" is a variation on the Dear John Letter theme; - She left a dear John letter, on my John Deere tractor" - writen by Bobby Boyd and Walter J Foster, with a change of pace on the chorus.

We stay in a lively mood for "She's Over Me," a great two stepper from the combined pens of Michael Kapitan and Phil Roy, before the tempo is slowed for the cheating song,
"All Time Low,"
written by Lonnie Wilson, Wayne Perry and Joe Diffie.

Next is my favourite track on the album.
"Where Love Started Out"
is an extremely catchy two stepper from the pens of Sanger D. (Whitey) Shaffer and Lonnie Williams, that is given a wonderful reading by Lance. I could listen to this over and over again.

"I Alway's Wish For You" is a slow ballad that has the subject recalling memories of a lost love, before we get back in honky tonkin mood for the lively "Are You With Me On This," a song from the pens of Gary Vukasin and Jay Eric.

Fans of western swing are catered for with "Hello Cruel World," a fine song written by Raymond Minor Jr, Ronnie Pfeil (steel guitar player who also helped Lance get his first big break) and Owen Barnes.

Raymond Minor Jr and Ronnie Pheil also contribute the Latin flavoured, "There's No More You and Me,", and the albums closer, "Nobody Wins," another two stepper that this time tells of the end of a relationship.

Lance Allen is a new signing to Universal Sound Records, a label who sure know good talent when they see it. This is a fine debut album, from a man who I know we are going to be hearing a lot more of, that also contains material supplied by some of the industry's top songwriters.
Lance Allen is assured of plenty airplay on Metro Country, as I am sure he will get on radio stations around the world.

Check out this excellent album Right About Now!
You won't be dissapointed!!