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More widely known for Rock-a-Billy music, Lou Hobbs, a man who made his name in the early 60s, was persuaded by Chris Jackson of Americana Promotions to release an album of pure country music, as he felt this was where Lou was at his best. Well Lou has done just that with this excellent release of 12 pure country tracks.

As my copy is a demo, I don't have any writer credits, but there are a couple I know on here like a great version of Becky Hobbs' (could they be related?) "Jones On The Jukebox" and Lobo's "I Don't Want To Want You" a goose bump forming ballad that is currently moving up the EMS European Country Charts via it's release to radio on the Hotdisc.

Other tracks on here include the very catchy, fiddle laden opener, "Hey Bartender," the lively, Buck Owens-ish, "Passion Hit Me" and "You Got Sweet Love All Over Me," plus the mid paced two stepper, "You Sure Scared The Love Into Me."

If you like ballads, you are well catered for with, "She Don't Want A Lover," "Run Right Back," plus the very 60s-ish "Still Your Fool" with it's Fats Domino style bassline and "Secret Love Affair" a track that wouldn't sound out of place on a Charlie Rich album.

"Man On His Way Down" is a catchy dancefloor filler in 6/8 time, while the album closes with a gospel track "Old Faithful."

There is no doubt in my mind after listening to this fine album, that while Lou may prefer to perform and record Rock-a-Billy, he sounds much more at home with Country Music. I don't know when these tracks were recorded, but they all have a very 60s-70s feel about them and are all solid, traditional country music.

Lou appeared at the Americana festival last year (2000) and the reception he got there has encouraged him to carry on despite having been diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. Chris and Bev Jackson, who run the very successful festival held every year in Nottingham, England, will be promoting all of Lou's future appearances in the U.K and he is already booked to appear at the festival again this year (2001).

If you can't get to the festival to see him, then at least get hold of a copy of this fine album. You won't be dissapointed!!!

The album is due for release January 2001 on the Americana's own A.I.R. label and is available either direct from Americana Promotions (E Mail address at top of this page) or at selected music outlets.