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O.J.Hanssen is one of Norway's fastest rising country music stars! He was born August 14, 1964 in Mosjøen, Norway, where his music career started with the release of his first country album in 1985. In 1995 he signed a management agreement with Reidun Torgrimsen at Reidun Torgrimsen Agency and in 1997 signed a recording agreement with RTA Records and released the critically acclaimed album “Deja-Vu” later that year.

The song has always been the biggest part of O.J. Hanssen's life. He loves being on stage performing music to a listening audience, and he often, besides performing with a regular band, takes pleasure in singing acoustic with only one or two instruments playing.

Up until turning fully proffessional in 1999, O.J. Hanssen worked fulltime as a Deputy Sheriff, while playing his music on a part time basis.

First track on the album is the rousing "Betty's Got A Bass Boat" a song I recall being a hit for someone a few years ago, but I just can't recall who. This is followed by a very good cover of "The Outlaw," a song recorded by Dan Fogelberg on his excellent "High Country Snows album in the 80s.

"This Could Go On Forever," a great shuffle, I think? was recorded by Gene Watson, is given the O.J. treatment, before he slows things down for the wonderful, "Between Me And The Wall."(Windows, I know you'd like to know, what we're talkin' about......You keep staring in on us, instead of lookin' out.....If you can't keep your eyes shut, I'm gonna let the curtain fall.........'Cause what's goin' on, is just between me and the wall) Great!!

We all make mistakes and should be given the chance to try again! That is the message, in the slow "Persona Non Grata," a nice song, I suspect is self penned, although I don't have writer details with my review copy.

O.J. get's in swing mode for the lively "Swingtown," a catchy tune to get the feet tapping, before he slows things back down to tell us about the "Hard Luck Cafe."

"Workin' End Of A Hoe" is a mid paced song about growing up, working the family farm in between school, while "Deja-Vu" is the first single taken from the album. A self penned song, very much in the Don William's style, that climbed the European charts, and one that I reviewed elsewhere on this site, after it was released on the "Country Hotdisc."

Next, T.J. tackles the Gene Watson classic, "Fourteen Carat Mind," and does an excellent job in the process. There's also some great backing on this one.

The rockin', "Too Much Monkey Business" is the latest single taken fron the album and will be released on the next edition of the Country Hotdisc.(#20)

The tempo slows again for the delightful, "Tear In Mama's Eye," a story song that starts with the line - 15 going on 20, I knew all there was to know - how many parents of teenagers can relate to that.

"Where The Trail Ends" is a wonderful song, set to a rumba beat, about a cowboy saying his last goodbye's to his friend, before the album closes with, appropriately, "Is It Over," a ballad that has the singer asking a new love, if she is really over her ex, before he gets too involved.

When I reviewed "Deja-Vu" on it's Hotdisc release, I stated then that I was looking forward to hearing a lot more from O.J. Hanssen. Well now I have, and I wasn't dissapointed. This is an excellent album of solid country music from this very talented Norwegian artist.

No collection should be without this fine album!
Go out and get a copy now.
You won't be dissapointed.

Highly Recommended!!!