Roxanne Hall
I Will Fly

Comstock Records
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Roxanne Hall hails from the Kamloops area of British Columbia. She has been writing songs all her life and performing at music theatre, honky tonks and everything in between. Her fans love her music and she has built up quite a following in her native Canada. In her own words "I become all that I am the moment I walk on stage - the audience feels it. Roxanne got such a good reaction to her release on the Autumn sampler that Comstock have now released the album.
Roxanne is looking forward to an upcoming tour of Europe.

The albums influences vary from Country to Folk to Rock and anything in between. This is most definitely not an album for the country purist, but is more suited to those with very eclectic tastes. Roxanne has a great voice, and does justice to everything on here, no matter what direction the song takes.

Country/Rock influenced tracks on the album include, "It's Time", "Love Dies Hard" and "Video, while "Strange World", "Melting Pot" and "Where R U Running" are out and out rockers that didn't really appeal to me.

"Perrenial" is a very enjoyable Country/Pop styled tune as is the lively "No Money, No Time", a song that is sure to strike a chord with many people.

Best track on the album for me is "I Imagine", a beautiful acoustic ballad with some great haunting harmonies. This is excellent!

The other ballad on the album "Fall", is a song that has Roxanne accompanying herself on piano and has a fairly repetative chorus that stay's in your head.
"Some Hearts"
is very much in the Carly Simon vein, and tells of how we are all different in the way we live.

While this is not a country album by any stretch of the imagination. Apart from the three rock tracks mentioned , I enjoyed listening to this 11 track album from Roxanne, a lady who posseses a cracking voice. All the songs on the album were written by Roxanne, with "Perennial" a co-write with Robyn Littlejohns. The quality of the album is also further enhanced by some great playing from the musicians.

If your tastes stretch beyond country music, then you would be well advised to check this album out.

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