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Music has been a life long Passion with 17 years old Troy Cook, who was born in Southern California, but since the age of 4 years old has lived on a farm in North Central Arkansas. Singing and playing instruments come as natural to him as eating and sleeping. Troy plays the lead, rhythm, steel, mandolin, dobro and bass guitars, fiddle and drums and can sing a wide variety of songs with varying styles as long as it's country!

Troy has at this early stage of his career performed from Texas to Minnesota and from So. Carolina to California. He has spent a lot of time in Nashville, Tennessee in the last two years performing and also recording the songs contained in this, his recently completed album.

Troy has a strong desire to expand his audience as his new album travels over to other parts of the world. He would like to thank everyone who has helped him in the development of his music and greatly appreciates everyone that takes the time to listen to his songs.

This album get's off to a great start with two songs written by Darryl Lee O'Donnell.
"What Can I Do," is a catchy tune, that has him trying to convince his girl that he is not like the man who gave her a bad time in the past, while "Deep In The Heart Of Dixie" is a great truckers song, that I am sure would be a certain hit if released as a single.
In fact both of these songs have hit written all over them.

The tempo slows right down for "Let There Be Light," a nice ballad penned by George Terrin, then picks up slightly for "Mama Did Raise One Fool," a wonderful Bobby Adkins/Mike Headrick composition that tell's of staying with someone, even after all the lies they tell.

Troy goes into honky tonk mode for the lively "Pictures In My Mind," another from the pen of Daryll Lee O'Donnell, while "What You See Is What You Get" is a good mid paced shuffler written by production manager, Don Castle.

"Die With My Boots On" is the current single reased on Country Discovery, that deserves to do a lot better than it is at the present time. This is a solid country track, written by Bobby Adkins, that has already seen play on Metro Country's Webcast.

The cajun flavoured "Plain And Simple Country" is a lively toe tapper with plenty fiddle and some great pickin' from Mike Headrick, that is sure to get the dancers on the floor.

"Business As Usual," penned by Dennis Adkins, is another slow ballad, that this time has him telling us the stories behind all the different people who frequent the local honky tonk, before the album closes with "Too Many Horses Left to Ride," a catchy, mid paced tune, with some nice dobro riffs, again from Mike Headrick, that has him saying that after living a long and hard life, he ain't finished yet.
At 17 years old I wouldn't have thought he'd even started yet!

This is an excellent album of solid country music (no pop crossover here) from Troy Cook Jr, a young man who posseses a great voice as well as being a talented multi-instrumentalist. There are also also some very good songs on here from first rate songwriters, that help make this an album that just has to be checked out.

At just 17 years old, Troy has a lot of years ahead of him, but if there is any justice, those coming years will see this young man joining the ranks of artists such as George Strait, Alan Jackson & co.

Check out this fine debut album, from a young artist I am sure we are going to be hearing a lot more of.
You won't be dissapointed!!!