Troy Cook Jr
It's Long Overdue

© Stardust Records 2001

I'm Going Nowhere
No Can Do

Track Listing
It's Long Overdue, I Still Feel The Same, I'm Going Nowhere, I'll Forgive You But I Can't Forget, Today Is Going To Be That Someday, Movin' Out Movin' Up Movin' On, She Loves Romance, No Can Do, Packing Up Old Memories, Ready Or Not, You've Changed, If Only I Were There.

Sophomore album from the young and talented Troy Cook Jr, who must be all of 18 or 19 years old by now and is already more than capable of playing many different instruments including; lead, rhythm, steel and bass guitars, mandolin, dobro, fiddle and drums and can sing a wide variety of songs with varying styles ……as long as it's country!

Troy's outstanding talent was recognised by Colonel Buster Doss of Stardust records, who signed up the youngster to release an album on the highly respected label. "It's Long Overdue" is the result.

Containing 12 tracks, 5 of which penned by the Colonel, there are also two co-writes from Troy and the Colonel together. First of those is the title track, "It's Long Overdue," a lively two stepper that gets the album off to a great start and is sure to be a dance-floor filler, while the slow reflective, "If Only I Were There" closes the album. Two good songs to prove that he is no slouch in the songwriting department either.

I'm a sucker for a good country/shuffle and there's a great one here in the Buster Doss penned "I'm Goin' Nowhere (But Out Of My Mind)," a former #1 in the EMS European charts. Troy has also seen further success in the said charts via 3 more Buster Doss penned tracks on here, the honky tonkin' "Movin' Out, Movin' Up, Movin' On" and a couple of good two steppers, "Packing Up Old Memories" and the mid-paced "Today Is Going To Be That Someday".

The very catchy "No Can Do" is currently riding high in the charts and completes a set of 5 tracks that have seen this talented young artist a virtual ever-present on the charts since the middle of last year(2001) and I'm sure he hasn't finished yet!!

Dennis Adkins penned a couple of tracks on Troy's debut album, the excellent "Introducing," and he provides another two good one's here with the pensive, "I Still Feel The Same" and the slow love ballad, "She Loves Romance."

With mid-paced two stepper's,' "Ready Or Not" and "You've Changed" making up the 12 tracks on here, this is yet another fine album that can only enhance this talented young man's chances of making it to the very top of his chosen profession.

Highly recommended listening!!!