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Born and raised in the United States, singer/songwriter Tony Lewis has, since 1991, called Switzerland his home. 

 In 1993 he founded his own band "Tequila Tony & The Shooters" and released his debut CD "WANTED MAN". His 1995 album, "ANOTHER COUNTRY" again testified to his talent as a singer/songwriter. Produced by Mike Chapman (Garth Brooks), the album features some of the most accomplished musicians on the American scene, as well as duets with Stella Parton and Carol Chase.

Tony returned to Nashville to produce his landmark album, "DANCIN' ON THE EDGE", again working with some of country music's finest. 

His current release, "PORTRAIT", is a 16-song compilation of the best tracks from these earlier albums, plus two previously unreleased tracks. 

 The album opens with "Boot Scootin' Mademoiselle" a song that is certain to have the dance floors full. I don't dance, but I couldn't keep my feet still while listening to this one. 

This is followed by my favourite track on the album. 
"You Are The Dream", one of the two previously unreleased tracks here, is a great country shuffle that I just can't stop playing. It's worth the price of the album for this one alone and should certainly be considered for release as a single.

Tony rocks it up with "Ain't Dead Yet" while later slowing things down for "Lonesome, Lonely and Alone", a song that Tony admits to fantasizing about George Jones and Travis Tritt recording. I must admit, as I listened to this, I could hear George and Travis too.

Tony gets into Cajun mood next with the other previously unreleased track here, "Bad Case Of Love", another song that is sure to fill the dance floors.

"When I've Forgotten To Remember You" a great play on words, written in colaboration with Nashville songwriter Mary Perreault, is a story of trying to forget the memory of a past love.

Another one certain to please the linedancers is "That Was Someone Else You Saw", an amusing song with a strong beat all about getting caught out and trying to pretend it was someone else.

A beautiful ballad follows as Tony sings a song written from personal experience. "Not Too Much More To Say" is another song of lost love and another of my favourite tracks on the album.

Back in a rockin' mood for "Sittin' Here Fishin'", a song taken from Tony's first album, and one that he credits Hank Sr with for the inspiration.
"Baby It's You" is very much R&B influenced, while on "Back Home Again" Tony is joined by Stella Parton on a song he wrote specially with her style in mind after she accepted his request to do a duet with him.

"Mississippi Crossing" is a country rocker very much in the style of Sawyer Brown, while "Two More Pairs Of Feet" is taken at such a fast pace, you would need two more pairs of feet to dance to it. Some great playing from the musician's on this one.

"Drivin' Her Out Of My Mind" is a great story song that has a truck driver telling of the night he fell for a woman he picked up at a truck-stop, only for her to have gone when he woke the next morning. The style of this song reminded me very much of Alan Jacksons, "Midnight In Montgomery".

Another country rocker "Make A little Noise" is a true story of two personal biker friends, Ziggy & Karen. The story tells of how they met, fell in love, and how Ziggy died on his bike one rainy night. The song ends with Karen attacking his family at the funeral, saying, they didn't care when he was around, and ending with the lines;

"You Know It Almost Makes Me Sorry
I Won't See You're Face Again
As She Roared Off On Her Harley
There Began A Gentle Rain"


The album closes with "Wanted Man" a song with a Jazz feel to it, and another song written from personal experience. 

Although he has released three albums previous to this compilation, Tony Lewis is a totally new name to me. All I can say after listening to this brilliant album is, WHY?

Tony writes some terriffic story songs in the way all good country songs should be written, and he's also a pretty good singer to boot. There is absolutely no doubt that many of the songs on this CD will find their way onto the Metro Country playlist, and it is already down for album of the week on next weeks show.

Tony is looking to get himself known in the UK, and with the right promotion I can't see him having very much trouble. He would certainly go down well in the linedancing clubs, which is where a lot of his music is obviously aimed, although the lyrics he writes would ensure that he also found favour with listening audiences. 

I can't recommend highly enough that you visit Tony's website, where you can find out all about this talented singer/songwriter, who would appear to be Switzerlands best kept secret, at least as far as we in Britain are concerned, and also listen to some sound clips from the CD.


Website  http://www.country-music.ch/tony 
E mail   tony@country-music.ch