Tom Horner

Take It From Me
Country Discovery Records
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Tom Horner is a singer/songwriter who has had many of his songs recorded by other artists, but here he presents his own versions of 9 of them on this 12 track album, recorded at the studio's of multi-instrumentalist and Country Discovery Records boss, Mike Headrick.

The album contains a good mix of slow and uptempo tracks of varying styles, with top picks for me being, "Walkin & Talkin' In My Sleep Again" a great country shuffle co-written with wife Eve and also recorded by Danielle Reddin last year (99), the Honkey-tonkin' "Ain't Got Nothin' On But The Radio" a great one for the linedancers penned by Blake Roberson as are "We Don't Know Any Better" and the albums opener, "If You So Much As Touch Me" written by Tom once again with wife Eve.

There are also some good ballads that really appealed to me, like the Dalton Roberts penned "You Sure Do Get Around," the Tom Horner/Dalton Roberts co-write, "Let Yourself Go." and the excellent "Something Blue" a song written by Blake & Robbin Roberson that tells of watching the one you love walk down the aisle with someone else.

"The Best Thing Next To You" is a good, mid-paced two stepper that sees Tom sharing writing honours with Eve Horner and Dalton Roberts while "You Got Away With My Heart" is a nice play on words that is also given a good reading by Stephannie Vaughan on her recently released album, also reviewed on this site.

Tom ventures into Rhythm & Blues territory for "Sentimental Block," another 3 way co-write with Eve and Dalton that was one of only two tracks on the album that didn't really appeal to me, with the other being the rocking, "Take It From Me."

Closing what in total is a very good album from this fine singer/songwriter, is the mid paced "He Picked Up Where I Left Off" a story song that tells of listening to a stranger talk about losing his girl to someone else, only to realise, you're the someone else.

Songwriters don't always do the best versions of their own songs, but the one's here would certainly take some beating! If you see this album in the record store, don't walk past it, pick it up, you'll be glad you did!!