Tommy Alverson
Me On The Jukebox

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Buy Me A Bar
Una Mas Cerveza


Track Listing
Buy Me A Bar, Troubles, Cowboy Mardi Gras, Chilihead -No Beans, Looking Back To Luckenbach, I Don't Think I'll Go To Mexico, Havin' Fun Is Hard Work, Follow Your Heart, Una Mas Cerveza, Lovin' You, Hill Country Here I Come.
In the business for over 30 years, Tommy Alverson and his band can be regularly found working the honky tonks of Texas. His latest album, "Alive & Pickin'" has been reviewed by my good friend Graham Lees on his website at; so I have decided to review this earlier album from the band.

From the moment the album started, with the excellent shuffler "Buy Me A Bar," I knew I was in for something special here. The album contains 11 tracks, either penned or co-penned by Tommy, that range from the Western/Swing of the toe tappin' "Cowboy Mardi Gras" to rockers like the fun song "Chilihead - No Beans" and "Hill Country Here I Come." If you want something to sing along to then look no further than the wonderful "Una Mas Cerveza" a great summer song about getting away from it all. There's definitely a Jimmy Buffet feel to this one. Add to this some very catchy two steppers like "Lovin' You," "I Don't Think I'll Go To Mexico" and "Lookin' Back To Luchenbach," a song that takes a dig at what Nashville is putting out as country today, as does "Havin' Fun Is Hard Work," where that other great Texas artist, Gary P Nunn also get's a mention……… I love the line; "We don't do the Nashville thing, so don't ask for any of that Garth bullshit please."…….and you have a recipe for a real good time.

If you're looking for some real country music in true Texas tradition, then look no further than this fine album from what must surely be one of the finest Texas honky tonk outfits around. It just don't get any better than this!!!!

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