Candace Asher
Candace Asher

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One Tender Tear
Something In Me

Track Listing
Every Time Your Heart Breaks, A Face In The Crowd, That Old Car, Looking Forward, At The Hands Of A Man, One Tender Tear, Thankless Children, More Than Just A Vase, If I Met You Now, Something In Me, Slow Dancing.


Candace began her career in the late 1980's working the club circuit in New York City. In 1993 she moved to Nashville and began co-writing with many of the town's finest songwriters, also becoming a regular act at the legendary Bluebird Café.

This 11 track, self titled album from Candace, a young lady with a strong, distinctive voice and a contemporary country style, open's up with the excellent, "Every Time Your Heart Breaks," a 4 way co-write with G Haas, T Kline & D Lindgren, in which she sings about finding the strength to carry on after the break up of a relationship…"But then mama brought me comfort, these simple words to ease the pain. She said a garden never grows until it's endured a cold spring rain." The same theme is followed throughout most of the album, with songs like, "A Face In The Crowd,"….not the Tom Petty song, but a co-write with David Lindgren, who also adds his pen to 5 other tracks on here…. in which she tells of putting on a brave face, the self explanatory, "I'm Looking Forward," getting over being abused and mistreated in "At The Hands Of A Man,"...."she can cover a bruise, but her spirit hurts like hell"... holding on to memories of a lost love in, "More Than Just A Vase" and "If I Met You Now," while "One Tender Tear," a former hit in the EMS European charts via it's release on the media only Hotdisc, is a song she co-wrote with Terry Vonderheide, for a friend, who Candace says was in a bad relationship. The song says it is possible to cry tears of joy as well as tears of sadness, as she prays her friend will find someone else who will treat her right.

Other songs, include a story of leaving home to chase her dreams in "Something In Me," taking time out from today's busy lifestyle's for a little romance in "Slow Dancing" and "That Old Car," in which she remembers an old car in the backyard, that she would retreat to in times of trouble…"If I could just get that old car started, I could drive until the heartache disappeared."

This is definitely an album best enjoyed when you can sit back and listen to the words. It is an album of short stories in true country tradition, mixed together with some New York folk influence, to give her a contemporary styling, not dissimilar to, artists such as Mary Chapin Carpenter. Candace say's "My songwriting partners and I strive for lyrics that are both entertaining and meaningful. I like to sing songs with messages that are close to my heart." Well this album certainly reflects that attitude very well. There are some very well crafted songs on here and she performs them well. Candace Asher is a star of the future, of that I have no doubt and I predict it won't be long before she is being mentioned in the same breath as the aforementioned Ms Carpenter.

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