Charlie & Monica

Believin' Again

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Rhinestone Kisses
A Mighty Fine Dog

Track Listing
Let's Compromise, When You Fall In Love, I Can't Dance With You, Love Is A Beautiful Feeling, Rhinestone Kisses, Mind Over Matter, I'm Walkin' Out, Believin Again, A Mighty Fine Dog, Out On Her Own, Down To Earth Lovin', Take These Mam'ries, Love Is The Key, Texas Wild Rose.

Charlie & Monica are two young sisters from Washington, U.S.A. At 16 & 17 years old respectively, they have already opened for Willie Nelson at the Washington State Fair and played at the well known 'Tootsie's Orchid Lounge' while on a trip to Nashville to record this CD, which contains a value for money 14 tracks, all penned by I. Renie Peterson, who also produced the album.

Three of the tracks on the album have already seen good chart action in the EMS European charts following their release on the Industry only 'Country Hotdisc' earlier this year. First to get a release was the rockin' "Down To Earth Lovin,' a song that is sure to be popular with the linedancers. Also sure to get the dancers on the floor, is the lively two stepper, "Rhinestone Kisses," a good catchy song that you can't help but tap your feet to. Sandwiched between those two they slowed things down for their other single release, 'Believin' Again' a good love ballad in three quarter time.

Listening to the album, there is a fairly even split of tracks to suit both the listener and those who like to dance, so the album should go down well in both camps. If you like your country kickin,' then try "I'm Walking Out," "Texas Wild Rose," the funky "When You Fall In Love" or the aforementioned "Down To Earth Lovin'," all guaranteed to go down well in the linedance clubs and if you're feeling particularly energetic, then you can get those feet flying with the albums opener, the frenetic, "Let's Compromise." There's also a good version of "A Mighty Fine Dog" a great song, also recorded by Paul Mateki on his latest album, "Texasville". This is a very catchy tune that is hard to get out of your head and I'm sure it would do well if released as a single. Ballad's on the album include, "Mind Over Matter", "Out On Her Own," "Love Is The Key" and my pick of the bunch, the excellent "Take These Mem'ries."

Both girls have good voices, with one sounding smoother and more mature than the other, which is slightly raspy. I would guess that Monica is the one with the smoother voice, being the eldest, but with only a year to separate them, I could be wrong. Either way, they both sound very good together and can only get even better as they grow older. This is a fine debut album from two sisters who must surely have a bright future ahead of them.

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