The Charlie Boston Band
Truths & Fantasies

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A Wing And A Prayer
Don't Look Back

Track Listing
A Wing And A Prayer, Maybe I'm A Dreamer, Blue Skies, Don't Look Back, All You Want To Know, Cabin On The Hillside, Please Don't Turn Me Away, All Ablaze, Why (Do I Still Love You In My Dreams), In Beaujolais, The Way It Used To Be, Out Of Site.

London based Charlie Boston first recorded this album in 1999, but wasn't happy with the finished result, so two years later, he went back in the studio to record it again. I can assure him, he won't need to go back this time, because this fine album from a 'British' Bluegrass band is just about as good as it gets and stands up well against the best that the U.S. can offer.

Charlie plays acoustic rhythm guitar and provides vocals while the rest of this very talented band of pickers consists of, Ced Thorose on resonator guitar, (he also builds them) Tim Purkess on double bass, Chris Comack on mandolin & banjo and Nick Pynn on fiddle and dulcimer. Aided by Gitika Partington & Martin Groak on harmonies, I sat totally spellbound as I listened to some of the best 'Original,' (all songs are penned by Charlie) bluegrass music I have ever heard and the fact that it comes from this side of the water made it all the better.

From the opening track, the lively "A Wing And A Prayer,' through the 6/4 time of 'Blue Skies,' the wonderful "Don't Look Back,' and the slow reflective, "The Way It Used To Be,' to the albums closer, the catchy, toe tapping, "Out Of Site," this 12 track album, "Truths & Fantasies' is pure magic, with some of the best picking I have ever heard, no matter what part of the world it came from.

Before getting this CD for review, I had never heard of the Charlie Boston Band, but they have certainly grabbed my attention and I shall be watching with interest any future releases from the band, and hopefully, I will get the chance to catch them 'LIVE' sometime. If you like good Bluegrass music, then make sure you get your hands on this fine piece of work from an all British band. If you don't like Bluegrass, well give it a listen anyway and be prepared to be converted.

"Truths & Memories" is very deservedly, one of Metro Country's 'Albums Of The Month' for March/02. EXCELLENT!!!!