Clive John
Purple Sky

© 2001

The Lucky One
I Still Want You

Track Listing
The Lucky One, Purple Sky, Rainy Day In Boston, Fast Food Fiasco, Going Down In Flames, Why?, I Still Want You, Cloud 9, Those Summer Days, Secret, Motherless Child, Done With You, Always Find A Way, Relax And Pour The Wine.

Follow up to the excellent "In A Whisper," "Purple Sky" is the latest offering from talented U.K. singer/songwriter Clive John. The album contains the stunning, "I Still Want You.," a track I have played many times since it's original release on the 'Country Hotdisc,' yet it still makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. This is truly a masterpiece and I'm sure many a songwriter listening to it will wish they had written it.

This time out Clive includes a few more uptempo numbers, like the opening track, "The Lucky One" a catchy tune with a funky beat that has already seen a release via the aforementioned 'Hotdisc.' Staying with the funky beat there's also "Done With You" and "Always Find A Way" while "Fast Food Fiasco" is a rocker that is sure to go down well with the linedancers. "Going Down In Flames" is another good song that while not being quite as uptempo, is still fairly lively compared to the last album.

For me, Clive excels with the ballads and there is another good collection on here like the title track, "Purple Sky," a song relating to dreams and "It's A Rainy Day In Boston," a song that has a very catchy guitar riff, reminiscent of American singer/songwriter John Stewart. Another one that stands out for me is "Secret" a song that says we have all done something we have later come to regret and wish we could turn back the hands of time. How true!

Making it in Country music isn't easy here in the U.K, in fact it's a long hard struggle against the odds. But Clive has the talent and diversity to do it and I'm sure he is going to prove to be the best young talent this country has ever produced! Make sure you get a copy of this album in your collection, in fact get his earlier album as well if you haven't already got it.. I guarantee you won't regret it!!

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