Clive John
In A Whisper

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In A Whisper
Sad Songs And The Blues

Track Listing
In A Whisper, Over You, Sad Songs And The Blues, Going Home, Memories, Fool For Lovin' You, Lady Of My Dreams, If It's Over It's Over, The Rain Is Coming Down, Step Back Into Life, Takes Two To Tango, Life Is Just A Game, In A Whisper (Reprise).

I reviewed the title track, "In A Whisper" after it's release on the industry sampler 'The Country Hotdisc' in February of this (2001) year and stated then; "Clive John from Worcestershire, here in the U.K. returns to the Hotdisc on the back of his last chart success "I Still Want You," a #3 in the EMS charts. I thought that one was good, but this is even better and must have a very good chance of taking this very talented singer/songwriter right to the top this time."

To say I was impressed was an understatement. This young man is not only a very talented singer/songwriter, but he's also the possessor of a wonderful voice to boot. I now get the chance to review his debut album and what an album it is! I must point out first of all though, this isn't a traditional country album, in fact, it isn't all that country, but that doesn't matter when the quality is this good! In fact Clive says he has always been drawn musically to Irish and Country easy listening. Clive's approach is simply that "I love good quality music, usually with a story to it and a good melody … generally meaningful, reflective, and that's what I try to compose."

From the material to the vocals to the musicianship to the overall production, the whole project excels beyond anything I have heard before from a U.K. act. The album is made up mainly of ballads, with the Mavericks-ish "It Takes Two To Tango" being the only time he get's anywhere near to breaking into a sweat. Linedancers should love this one. Favourite songs for me include of course the title track, "In A Whisper," the catchy love ballads, "Over You" and "Fool For Lovin' You" the absolutely wonderful "Sad Songs & The Blues" with it's powerful chorus that makes the hairs stand up, and "Going Home" in which he tells of the life of a singer on the road, looking forward to going back home again. Many an artist will be able to relate to this one. I also like the reflective "Memories" and……..what the heck, I like them all! There isn't a bad track on here.

My recommendations for listening to this album is to put the CD in the player, select play and press the repeat button. Sit back in your favourite armchair, relax and enjoy. Clive John is a future star, of that I am certain!!!

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