Colin Clark

Comstock Records
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Colin Clark was born in England, but now lives in Denmark with his Danish wife, DJ, Solveig Clark, and I am afraid that is about all I know of him. However, I was introduced to Colin's music by Paul Mateki, a good friend of Colin, who sent me this album to review.

The 12 track album, "The Best Of Colin Clark" was released in 1996 on the Comstock label, and contains a good mix of songs to suit both listeners and dancers alike, with three self penned by Colin.

The album get's underway with, "Trail Of Tears," not the Billy Ray Cyrus hit of the same name but a self penned two stepper about the heartbreak of a broken relationship. A good catchy song that should please dancers and listeners alike. This is followed by another self penned effort, "You Hold The Key To My Heart," another mid-paced two stepper that this time has him proffesing his love for his partner.

If dancing is your thing, then there are plenty more Two Steppers on here, like, the catchy, "This Old Honky Tonk," "The Price For Loving You," "and "Standing On The Edge Of Lonely". If you like songs you can relate to, then try "A Special Kind Of Lady," a song written by Ed LeClair, that should appeal to any man who feel's he has that someone special in his life.

Also on here is, 'I'm Outa Here, I'm History, I'm Gone" a recent release on the ICMAG sampler, that was also their 'Song Of The Month.

Colin has a Johnny Cash type of voice, with the similarity most evident on the third self penned track on here, "Black Train." This is a very catchy song that sounds like it's just come off a Johnny Cash album, with it's Boom Chicka Boom rhythm. I'ver already played this on the show and will certainly be playing it again.

Other tracks on here include, the rocking, "Boogie Woogie Thing," slowies, "It's Time I Settled Down" and "You Haunt The Shadows Of My Mind," plus a song penned by Comstock boss Frank Farah, "That Numbers Been Changed," a song that starts out with Colin singing in the background while the voice of a telephone operator is telling him the numbers been changed.

All in all, this is a good introduction to the music of Colin Clark, a man I will certainly look forward to hearing more from in the future.

Well worth checking out!!