George Lee Jr &
The Crazed Cowboy's

Welcome To Hip Hop Country

George Lee, ]r., lead singer, bass guitarist, pianist, guitarist, and half of the songwriting team of Lee/Maxx, describes his vision of the Crazed Cowboys as "George Strait meets The Beatles gone country at a hip hop rave." He say's, most Crazed Cowboys shows are closer to a Who concert than a Merle Haggard concert, with Cowboys jumping about the stage, crazy lights and smoke, and generous amounts of audience participation and laughter.

The Crazed Cowboys come down firmly on the side of fun! To quote Crawdad, - one of the band members - " If you can't laugh, I will!" The unique music they've created, loosely called hip hop country, encompasses a broad palette of musical styles, including; country, rock n roll, hip hop, zydeco, bluegrass, pop and anything else you care to name, and they say it's proving to be a big hit with fans from nine to ninety one.

From the moment the album opens with "Welcome To Hip Hop Country," you know that this isn't going to be like any other country album. With it's rapping intro and heavy beat, the song introduces the bands unique style of country music, a style that is sure to be popular with the linedancers as well as anyone else who likes their country music a little bit out of the ordinary.

As I listened to the album, I was left in no doubt that the Beatles had a big influence, especially on songs like, "Keep Your Hands Off My Stetson," "Only The Rain Coming Down," Eight Angels From The Sky," "Miracle" and "I'm Still On Fire" a great, catchy song, recorded with a live feel and added sound effects, that sounds like a load of fun.

The band aren't afraid to take on ballads either, as they prove with the catchy, "Say Yes To A Dance," although it is the only ballad on this 14 track album.

Other tracks on here include the cajun flavoured "Deep In The Old Bayou," the rockin' "Wake Up And Smell The Coffee," "Half A Dream," a song that reminds me very much of a pop hit from the late 60s early 70s, but I just can't put my finger on it, plus the funky "Lonestar In The Sky" and the mid paced "Time To Say Goodbye"

"Summer Day's," with it's very Beatles like chorus, is the track chosen as the bands current single, and is attracting much airplay with radio stations with it's lively beat and holiday feel.

I must admit I was a little apprehensive when I first put this CD into the player, not really knowing what to expect. But this is a very good album of alternative country that should especially appeal to anyone who grew up with the pop music of the 60s, moving into country music later on.

This band sound like they would be a lot of fun on stage and I only wish I lived near enough to go and see them, but I enjoyed listening to this album very much and will certainly be playlisting some of the tracks on here for Metro Country.

The band have some sound clips on their website, pay them a visit, you'll be glad you did!

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This is definitely an album well worth checking out!!