Darlin' And Rose
Darlin' And Rose

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Honky Tonk Eyes

Track Listing
Honky Tonk Eyes, I'll Be Only Yours, Memories, My Name Is Rose, Hotel Room In Dallas, Million Dollar Smile, She Started Drinkin', Two Dimes & A Quarter, Your Favourite Song, Streets On My Mind, My Tears Have Gone To Pain.

Darlin' and Rose met in 1979 when they were both in their twenties. At the time they were both involved in other relationships and so nothing came of it. Both relationships where doomed to failure though and in1999 they met up again. Both being into music for the past 20 years, they both had a story to tell and that was the beginning of Darlin' and Rose.

It didn't take long for them to realise that people liked their music and after two years of collaboration, they now present their first album together. All 11 tracks on the album are either penned or co-penned by the pair with each in turn telling a story of heartbreak and the feelings they've felt for each other over the last 20 years.

Opening up with the recently successful, "Honky Tonk Eyes," a catchy toe tapper that is sure to fill the dancefloors, the song made the higher reaches of the EMS European charts in November of this year(01). There's also plenty more to please the dancers on this album, like, "Hotel Room In Dallas," She Started Drinkin'" and "I'll Be Only Yours" a song penned by Darlin' that probably reflects his own feelings from that first meeting in '79' and my favourite track on the album, the co-written "Memories." "Million Dollar Suite" is a slow ballad penned by Rose, telling of the feeling of falling head over heels in love, while the albums closer is a change of musical direction with "My Tears Have Gone To Pain." A slow, co-penned, jazz flavoured tune that probably reflects how they both felt after leaving each other all those years ago.

The album starts off well enough and I do like Rose's voice, but I did find some of the material a little disappointing. Nevertheless, I do believe they have something and I will look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

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