Desperate Heart

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Why Did You Have To Be So Nice
Take Me Now


Track Listing
Don't Walk In Here Like you Never Walked Out, If He's The Man Of Your Dreams, Is There No Justice In Love, Making The Most Of Goodbye, Let's Pretend We Never Met, Time After Time, You're No Good For Me, Why Did You have To Be So Nice, Take Me Now, I Like Him The Best, Desperate Heart.

Actress, TV Presenter, Model and songwriter, Debrae, burst onto the country music scene earlier this year with her debut single, "Don't Walk In Here Like You Never Walked Out" spending two weeks at #1 in the EMS European charts. She has since bettered that feat with her second release, "Why Did You Have To Be So Nice", spending 4 weeks at the coveted #1 slot. Both tracks come from her debut album "Desperate Heart."

7 of the 11 tracks on the album are uptempo numbers with a strong beat, that are sure to go down well with the linedancers. The afore mentioned single releases fall into that category along with "If He's The Man Of Your Dreams," the catchy, "Making The Most Of Goodbye," the R & B flavoured "Let's Pretend We Never Met" and a couple of Debrae co-writes "You're No Good For Me" and "I Like Him The Best."

Debrae slows things down, with the mid paced "Take Me Now," a song co-written with Robert Etoll, worth a special mention. This is a very catchy tune that I would say is probably, my favourite track on the album. Cindi Lauper's pop hit "Time After Time" is given the country treatment and works well while "Is There No Justice In Love" and the albums title track, "Desperate Heart" are a couple of slow ballads that prove this talented young lady can handle sensitive material just as well.

All in all, this is a very good debut from a young lady who who I am sure has a big future ahead of her and who, I feel, is set to become a big favourite in the linedancing clubs. But if you don't belong to that fraternity, don't be put off, there is plenty good music on here that would appeal to anyone who likes good, modern, Country Music.

The album is being didtributed in the U.K. by Broadway U.K. If you can't find it in the shops, visit their website at; or E mail at