Erin Hay

The circle

© 2001 Westwood Int

The Circle

Track Listing
False Eyelashes, High On A Hilltop, BJ The DJ, Tomorrow Is Forever, The Circle, His & Hers, If Teardrops Were Pennies, I Hope You Turn Me Down, Walk On By, A Fire I Can't Put Out, My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You, Sometimes I Go As Far, Gotta Travel On, Tennessee Moon.

Latest CD from one of my favourite country music lady's. 'The Circle' is a 14 track album containing 4 original's and 10 covers of some classic country songs. The title track says it all about this fine artist. Written by producer Lonnie Ratliffe, 'The Circle' tells of Erin's dream of one day standing in the circle where Hank Williams once stood, centre stage at the Grand Ole Opry. I have a real strong feeling that dream isn't very far away.

There are some excellent versions on here of classics like; Bob Wills' 'My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You,' one of my all time favourite songs this one and Erin does it full justice with her wonderful presentation of it here. Erin credits Dolly Parton as being her main inspiration for singing Country Music and she pays homage to the legendary star with good covers of 'False Eyelashes' and 'Tomorrow Is Forever,' two songs previously recorded by Dolly, with the latter also coming from Dolly's own pen. "Walk On By" was a major hit for Leroy Van Dyke in the early even spawned an answer song from Margie Singleton, 'I'll Walk On By'.and you will be hard pressed to find a better cover than this one here.

There are 3 duets on the album as she teams up with Jack Greene for a spine tingling version of the late Tommy Collins' 'High On A Hilltop,' Opry veteran and Grammy nominee, Ernie Ashworth shares the mike for 'Gotta Travel On,' ..a hit for Billy Grammer back in 1959.while Loretta Lynn's steel guitarist Perley Curtis is her partner for the excellent love ballad, 'His & Hers,' Perley has a great voice and according to the liner notes is currently pursuing a solo career. I for one will be listening out for his first album! Talking of Loretta Lynn, the star also contributes to the liner notes by stating, "Erin is a good singer. Maybe the Opry will find that out one day. I love her singing." Erin also covers Stonewall Jackson's chart topping, 'BJ The DJ,' as a tribute to Stonewall and also to say thank you to all the DJ's who play her music.(I don't think they would need much persuasion to do that).

Erin Hay is country to the core. Forget all the Nashpop coming from the major's these days, if you like REAL country music, then they don't come any more traditional than this exceptionally talented young lady. "The Circle" is a wonderful, 14 track, value for money album, with not a bad track to be and is a must for any serious country music fans collection!