George Hamilton IV And Sandy Kelly
We Will Meet Again

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The Fields Of Athenry
We Will Meet Again


Track Listing
Long, Long Before Your Time, Leavin' Enniskillen, Famine Song, Maggie, Immigrant Eyes, The Fields Of Athenry, From Clare To Here, The Isle Of Innisfree, When The Rain Comes, The Raggle-Taggle Gypsy, Rare Ould Times, We Will Meet Again.

George Hamilton IV and Sandy Kelly met back in 1991 when Sandy was in Nashville recording her "Heroes" album. The album consisted of duets with well known U.S. country artists. One of these guests was George who recorded a wonderful version of ABBA's, "The Way Old Friends Do" with Sandy. They subsequently appeared together in the hugely successful "Patsy Cline The Musical" and have since toured together doing more conventional shows.

The idea for this album states George, "was not simply to do a 'black pudding' or 'Country & Irish' album Most Irish albums seem to consist entirely of fast waltz's and 'diddly dee.' We wanted to do a folksier album, with the emphasis on tunes." In effect, George wanted to record the sort of songs he had heard Sandy singing off stage. Said George, "offstage she'd be singing in the dressing room, or playing cassettes of traditional Irish music in the car and singing along with them."

For this album they have gathered together 12, mainly Irish, folk songs, with George and Sandy singing four each, while they duet on the remaining four. George does a sterling job on chestnut's like Johnny McEvoy's "Long Long Before My Time," Ralph McTell's "From Clare To Here," the pensive "Rare Ould Times" and an excellent version of Guy Clark's "Immigrant Eyes" a story of the Irish immigrant's struggle after landing in America at the turn of the century, while Sandy also turns in excellent performances of classic's like "Maggie," "The Isle Of Innisfree," "The Raggle-Taggle Gypsy" and "Leavin' Enniskillen." The pair get together for a wonderful version of my all time favourite Irish song "The Fields Of Athenrye," a couple of Johnny McEvoy songs, "When The Rain Comes" and "Famine Song," and the albums closer, "We Will Meet Again" a song penned by George V."

Recorded with very simple production, first class backing from some fine Irish musician's and the vocals mixed well up front….where they should be…… this is an excellent album of laid back, Irish folk music from country music's finest ambassador George Hamilton IV and Sandy Kelly, a lady with one of the most beautiful voices around. Sandy knocked me out when I first heard her at a performance of 'Patsy Cline The Musical' in Manchester back in 1994…………when I also enjoyed doing an interview with her and George after the show……..with a voice that is truly enthralling. "We Will Meet Again" is a class album! Go out and buy a copy, then sit back and enjoy!!!

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