Gord Bamford
God's Green Earth

© 2001 Comstock

24 By 24
State I'm In

Track Listing
24 By 24, God's Green Earth, Where A Cowboy Likes To Roam, Man Of The House, Starting All Over Again, Wish I Did What He Did, State I'm In, There's A ring To It, Classic Country Song, Chevy Truck.

Gord Bamford is a Canadian artist who gets to release his first ever album, "God's Green Earth," via the well respected 'Comstock' Indie label. Gord has a great voice and a modern, solid country sound. From the moment the CD hit the player and the first track, the lively "24 By 24" started, I knew I was in for something special. Gord didn't disappoint! With some strong material, like Duane Steel/Jim Robinson penned "State I'm In," an Alan Jackson-ish tune, with a very catchy chorus plus the very catchy shuffler, "Classic Country Song," also penned by Duane Steel, this time with Cyril Rawson.

Gord goes into Garth Brooks mode for "Where A Cowboy Likes To Roam" while "Wish I Did What He Did" is a great mid paced two stepper that is sure to fill the dancefloors. The albums title track "God's Green Earth" is a funky, mid-paced tune with shades of Tim McGraw, while Gord also shows he can write a fair bit himself, via the co-write with Blake Bell and Matthew Atkins, "Chevy Truck" another lively toe-tapper that closes the album.

If you like ballads, then Gord can handle them just as well with songs like the excellent "Man Of The House" a song that sees him as the other man in an adultress afair and "Starting All Over Again" that tells of trying to repair a broken relationship. "There's A Ring To It" a nice play on words, is the other ballad on the album.

From start to finish, this exciting new Canadian artist has some great musician's behind him, who help contribute to an excellent debut. Gord Bamford must surely have the major labels knocking at his door before long. Once they drop their infatuation with POP that is!!

Website: www.gordbamford.com E Mail:Fara@comstockrecords.com