Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
Back From The Dead 2

© 2000 BAM Records

Tennessee Birdwalk
Somewhere In Virginia In The Rain

Track Listing
Somewhere In Virginia, Just One More Song, There Must Be More To Life, Tennessee Birdwalk, When The Blues Come In From The Rain, Call On Me, Carolina Sundown Red, Legendary Chicken Fairy, Cows, Hands, I'm High On You, I Love You I'm Sorry Goodbye, Island Of Love, Miami Sidewalks, Something On You Mind, Our Room, Rings Of Gold, Shadows On The Leaves, Sweet Memories, Try, The Voice, X Rated Movies, You Come So Easy To Me.

The getting together of Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan has so many coincidences, it is kind of spooky. They were both born in the month of May (Jack 1942 & Misty 1945) at the Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, New York. Both have blue eyes and brown hair. They both had parents named John and Mary, and sisters named Virginia and they have both traced ancestors to the Alsace-Lorraine area of Europe.On top of that they both lived for a time in southern Ohio before moving to Florida, where they finally met and later married. Their big period was in the early 70s when they enjoyed both Country and Pop success with songs like "Somewhere In Virginia In The Rain," "There Must Be More To Life," "Humphrey The Camel," "Just One More Song" and not forgetting the humorous "Tennessee Birdwalk," a #1 in the Country charts in 1970.

Since the mid 70s Jack & Misty had seemingly, disappeared from the Country Music scene, but now they make a very welcome return with the 23 track "Back From The Dead 2," a compilation of their hits and more all on one CD. Jack has a wonderful and very distinctive (a rarity in country music these days) deep, croaky voice that is complimented very well by Misty, producing superb harmonies of the sort you just can't get enough of. This compilation of both the straight and quirky side of the couple is a must have in any serious country music fans collection. If you already have their music on vinyl, then seize the chance to replace them on CD.


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