Joy Adams
Two Minus One

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I Know You Don't Love Me No More
Two Minus One


Track Listing
I Know You Don't Love Me No More, Two Minus One, Let's Try Love Tonight, You Crossed My Mind A Thousand Times Today, Walk On By, Love Is No Excuse, I Talked To The Stars, Waltz Across Texas, Sugar Moon, Steady Company, Now I Know About Love, Lost Somewhere In A Memory, I Can't Stop Myself From Loving You, Why Don't We Admit We're In Love.

Latest release from New Zealand songbird Joy Adams, is a14 track album, co-produced by Joy with Neil Reynolds and comprising of 11 tracks recorded in Nashville and 2 in New Zealand, with the other being a combination of both. The first thing I noticed was that although Joy is a fine songwriter in her own right, apart from the catchy, mid paced two stepper, "I Can't Stop Myself From Loving You," she sits back this time, in favour of some of Nashville's finest writers.

Instantly recognisable are four classic songs from the country music archives. Who hasn't heard the wonderfully catchy, "Walk On By," a song written by Kendall Hayes and popularised by Leroy Van Dyke in the 1960s, Ernest Tubb's nostalgic, "Waltz Across Texas," son Justin's "Love Is No Excuse" . a former hit for Jim Reeves & Dottie West.or the Cindy Walker/Bob Wills co-write, "Sugar Moon" also successfully recorded of course by Bob Wills back in 1947. All four of these songs are given the respect they deserve as Joy's wonderfully smooth vocals, give them new life.

All the Nashville tracks were recorded with Don Powell at the helm, who also co-wrote 3 of the new songs on here, like the slow love ballad, "Now I Know About Love" written with Judy Ann Graham and the bouncy "Let's Try Love Tonight," written with Mike Orender, while Dewayne Orender helped him write the excellent, "I Know You Don't Love Me No More" a recent #1 in the EMS European charts via it's release to radio on the Country Hotdisc.

While in Nashville, Joy met up with and was given the chance to record with, one of her all time country music hero's, Kenny Dale. Kenny used to be very popular in New Zealand and Joy wasn't going to pass this opportunity by. The result, "Two Minus One," a song penned by Billy E. Powell and Dewayne Mize, title track and the first of 3 duets on the album. Joy also had a hit in the European charts when she teamed up with Grand Ole Opry veteran, Ernie Ashworth for the E.A. penned "Steady Company" and that track is also included on here, while Dewayne Orender steps up to the mike to sing with Joy on the closing track, the very catchy "Why Don't We Admit We're In Love."

Space prevents me going into more detail, but suffice to say, this is an excellent album of good Country music there isn't a bad track on here.from a lady with one of the most beautiful voices in the business. Get along to Joy's website and find out how to get yourself a copy. Satisfaction guaranteed!!!

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