Billy Keeble
Keeping It Country

© 2001 Globe Records

If I Had One Wish To Burn
In Case You Change Your Mind
Jukebox Hero

Following the well deserved success of his excellent album, "Unchained Country," Billy Keeble returns with "Keeping It Country," a title that sums up well, this great artist and his music. Pure country music at it's TEXAS best!

Of the 12 tracks on the album, Billy co-penned 6, with his love of a good country/shuffle evidenced on 4. Take a listen to the excellent "If I Had One Wish To Burn" a very catchy song, penned with Will Gilleland, that is sure to attract heavy airplay. Then there's the album's opener, "Guess Who Doesn't Love Me Anymore" and "In Case You Change Your Mind," a couple of dancefloor fillers for sure!
Billy turns to top songwriters Hal Bynum and Jim Kandy ("You Can't Take It With You") and Fred Rose ("You Don't Care What Happens To Me") for a couple of good ballads and there are also 2 tracks from the pen of close friend and prolific songwriter Curt Ryle, who supplies the two steppin' "Heavy Construction" and the albums closer, "Jukebox Hero" a mid paced honky tonker that see's the two of them getting together for a great, fun duet.

The sheer brilliance of "Unchained Country," was always going to be a hard act to follow, but while I must admit, that this album didn't have the same immediate impact as it's predecessor, it is still a very good album and one that is certain to provide many tracks for the Metro Country playlist! In the liner notes, Billy thanks the D.J's and his fans for making the album possible and says he hopes he hasn't let anyone down. He most certainly hasn't done that!!!

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