Michael Ballew
Rodeo Cool

© 2001 Soul Of The Heart

Rodeo Cool
Boot Scootin'

Track Listing
I Love To Ride, Rodeo Cool, Damned Ol' Beer, Top Of The World, Boot Scootin', Glenda Pearl, Nothing On Me(But You), Texas Gal, Living In Limbo, All Alone In San Antone, Darkside Of The Dancefloor, Tiny Fingers, Tiny Toes, Cheatin', I Can't Do That Any More, The Music Is Sweet, Your Memory Is Better Than Mine, Tears All Over Town, Higher Standard Of Leaving.

Coming from Austin, Texas, Michael Ballew is held in high respect by his fellow songwriters and musicians in the Lone Star State. More recently though, Michael has also been creating waves outside of Texas, from the publishing houses of Nashville, interested in pitching his songs, to the occasional European concert with his band, the "Damn Good Country Band"....a very apt name....where audiences appreciate the genuine country content of his performances. Michael is being hailed as "Texas' Best Kept Secret" and I certainly wouldn't argue with that! The man has a great voice and write's and sings some great Country Music!

I was first introduced to the music of Michael Ballew via his release of "Rodeo Cool" on the Hotdisc, an excellent debut that deservedly reached #4 in the EMS European Charts.The song is the title track from this 18...yes, 18.....track CD of both released and hitherto unavailable material, all digitally remastered and with all bar one, either penned or co penned by Michael. The style ranges from real Texas Honky Tonkers like "All Alone In San Antone" and "The Music Is Sweet" to cheatin'songs like "Your Memory Is Better Than Mine," "Cheatin'" and "Nothin' On Me But You." With some great 4/4 Shuffles, a touch of Western Swing and some heart wrenching love ballads, such as the Ray Price like "Top Of The World," "Tiny Fingers Tiny Toes" and "Higher Standard Of Leaving" this is real Texas music of the sort the major labels aren't interested in anymore.

Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of this fine album from a man who is Country Music to the core. With a total of 18 tracks, this just has to be the bargain of the year. As I write, I have just made "Rodeo Cool" one of Metro Country's "Album of The Month" for September 2001. One of my easiest decisions since starting the feature. Check out his website for details of how to get hold of a copy!

Website: www.michaelballew.com E Mail: byworth@clara.net