Mike Beeler
An Old Guitar & A Brand New Song

© 2001 Cobweb Records

An Old Guitar & A Brand New Song
Songs On The Jukebox

Track Listing
An Old Guitar & A Brand New Song, What I Wanna Hear, Home Sweet Home, Better Days, Songs On The Jukebox, She Oughta Be, Where In Hell I've Gone, It Ain't Right, Stone Cold Memories, I'm Over You, I Hear You Knockin'.

I was first introduced to the music of Mike Beeler………..a man with an unusual and distinctive voice………via his single release some while back, of "An Old Guitar And A Brand New Song," Mike's description of what is needed to succeed in Nashville. Well I don't know if his Guitar is old, but what I do know is, the 11 songs on here, are all original and strong enough to make Nashville sit up and listen.

Most styles are covered on here, starting with another track that he released earlier this year on the Comstock radio sampler. "I'm Over You," is a good country shuffler that will have those feet tapping in no time, as will the catchy, Cajun flavoured "She Oughta Be" and the two steppin' "Home Sweet Home" a tale of a country boy, living in the city and missing home. Other good two steppers on here include "What I Wanna Hear," "Stone Cold Memories" and "Where In Hell I've Gone"………"when you left you said go straight to hell and that's exactly what I've done"……… a trio of good old 'cry in your beer' type songs, as is the slow "Better Days" a song that tells of looking back after the break up of a relationship.

If you need something a bit more lively after those then take a listen to "It Ain't Right" a fast paced, Ricky Skaggs like, honky-tonker with some great pickin.' Phew!!!

Mike, says he became interested in Country Music, growing up listening to the songs of Hank Williams Jr and Merle Haggard and even pays tribute to Hag in "Songs On The Jukebox," my personal favourite on the album, that has a lyric made up from the titles of some of Merle's classics. Hank Jr's influence is most evident on the closing track, "I Hear You Knockin,'" a country/rocker that is sure to go down well with the linedancers.

Hailing from Indiana, Mike's writing is just about as country as it gets and although his deep southern accent and razor sharp voice may take a little getting used to, believe me, it definitely grows on you. This fine album marks the debut on the brand new 'Cobweb' label for Mike Beeler, a pairing that, I am sure, will bear fruit for both parties. The album is available from Broadway U.K.(look below) if you have any difficulties.

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