O J Hanssen

What's It Gonna Take

© 2001 RMG Records

What's It Gonna Take
I Didn't See The Angel


Track Listing
What's It Gonna Take, I'm Workin' On It, I Laughed Til I Cried, She Makes Me Want To Be A Better Man, Buckle Up, blind Eddie's Hideaway, Alabama Rain, I Can't Think Of It Now, A Few Old Things, I Didn't See The Angel, I Don't Do Memories.

O.J.Hanssen is one of Norway's fastest rising country music stars! Born August 14, 1964 in Mosjøen, Norway, his music career started with the release of his first country album in 1985. In 1995 he signed a management agreement with Reidun Torgrimsen at Reidun Torgrimsen Agency and in 1997 signed a recording agreement with RTA Records and released the critically acclaimed album "Deja-Vu" ……also reviewed on this website……later that year.

Now comes this latest album, "What's It Gonna Take," an album that saw him go over to the U.S. to record in Nashville and Franklin', Tennessee with some of music city's finest musician's who include; Brent Rowan on electric guitar, Paul Franklin on steel and Eddy Bayers on drums to name just a few.

There are also some top class songs on here too, opening up with the lively honky tonker, "What's It Gonna Take" a dancefloor filler for sure and just watch the line-dancers go to "Buckle Up"a funky tune that is sure to have them strutting their stuff, as is the rocking "Blind Eddie's Hideaway." O.J. shows he can also handle the ballads, in fact, this is the area, I feel, is where O.J. is at his best. Just listen to the very catchy "I'm Working On It" in which he promises to be the perfect man for his woman, the Gene Watson styled, "She Makes Me Want To Be A Better Man," the slow Jazz/Western Swing flavoured "I Can't Think Of It Now" or the wonderful "I Don't Do Memories" in which he tells his woman as she leaves him that she can take anything she wants except the memories.

My favourite track on the album has to be the Vip Vipperman, JB Rudd, Darryl Worley co-write, "I Didn't See The Angel," telling of a mothers love………..Daddy always called her Angel, I never knew the reason why, I was looking for a halo, he was looking in her eyes………this is a very catchy song that bobs along to a train type rhythm. I thought O J's previous album was good, but this is even better. Great voice, great songs, has to be another winner for this talented European artist. Check it out!!!

Website: www.ojhanssen.com