Paul Overstreet
A Songwriters Project Vol1

© 1999 Scarlet Moon Records

When You Say Nothing At All.
Be Mine

Track Listing
Same Ole Me, I Won't Take Less Than Your Love, When You Say Nothing At All, Forever & Ever Amen, Long Line Of Love, Diggin' Up Bones, Be Mine, On The Other Hand, I Fell In Love Again Last Night, Toughest Battles, What Are Friends For, When mama Ain't Happy.

When it comes to Country Music songwriters, they don't come any finer than Paul Overstreet. The man has written classic after classic and had them recorded by country artists like, Mel Tillis, Randy Travis, George Jones, Keith Whitely, Michael Martin Murphey, Tanya Tucker, Alison Krauss and The Forrester Sisters to name but a few, as well as seeing pop success via Irish boy band, Boyzone's lead singer, Ronan Keeting with "When You Say Nothing At All."

On this album, "A Songwriters Project Vol 1," Paul does his own version of some of those songs, changing them around here and there from the way they sounded when recorded by the artists who turned them into hits, and the artist who perhaps owes most to Paul for his success is Randy Travis, who's career took off after recording songs like "On The Other Hand", a #1 in 1986, "Diggin' Up Bones" also a #1 in the same year and perhaps the one R.T is best known for, "Forever & Ever Amen" once again a #1, this time staying there for 3 weeks in 1987. "Diggin' Up Bones" is the track that sees the biggest change on here, with an extra verse added and a bluesy reprise at the end. Other #1's given the songwriters own treatment include, "Long Line Of Love," (M M Murphey 1987) "I Fell In Love Again Last Night" (Forrester Sisters 1985) and "I Won't Take Less Than Your Love" recorded by Tanya Tucker together with Paul and Paul Pavis in 1988, that this time has Ricky Skaggs doing duet honours.

There are also four songs on here that are new to me, these are "Toughest Battles" a song telling of the heartbreak of a broken marriage when kids are involved, the self explanetary "What Are Friends For," the very Bluesy "When Mama Ain't Happy" which features Paul's own children on background vocals and perhaps my favourite track on the album, "Be Mine," a wonderful song, chronicling a love story that began in 1922.

If you only buy one album a year, this should be it! 12 classic songs performed by their creator in a way only he could do them. Absolute MAGIC!!!!

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