Rob Allen
I Love Country Music

© 2000

Smokey Bars
The Devil

Track Listing
I Love Country Music, The Devil, Ready To Surrender, You Don't Have To Wear A Cowboy Hat, Being Apart, Bar-Room Women, Close To The Heart, Home Is Where The Heart Is, Thank You, I Just Love To Love You, It's Just A matter Of Time, Smokey Bars, No Matter How Hard.

I always like to hear U.K. artists doing original material, especially when it's good, and "I Love Country Music," from Rob Allen certainly falls into that category!

Listening to the 13 self penned songs from this Welsh singer/songwriter, I was immediately struck by how similar his voice is to Kenny Rogers, especially on the Gambler-ish "Barroom Women" and the slow ballad "Thank You."

As a self produced and no doubt self financed album, production is kept very simple, but I can't help thinking how these songs would sound if picked up by bigger name artists with record company backing. Stand out tracks for me include the fast paced, "Home Is Where The Heart Is" and "You Don't Have To Wear A Cowboy Hat," a song no doubt aimed at those who deem it necessary to dress up to listen to, or to play Country Music, as well as the mid-paced two steppers "I Just Love To Love You" and current single "The Devil," while my own personal favourite is, "Smokey Bars" a song that finds Rob with only his acoustic guitar for accompaniment.

Rob Allen can certainly count himself among the best songwriters that the U.K. Country Music scene has to offer. All he needs now is the breaks!

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