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Walk Your Boots Outside The Door
Wild Turkey Chasers


Track Listing
Walk Your Boots Outside The Door, Wild Turkey Chasers, Johnny Black, Learning, I'll Make It Easy, You Won't Break Me, Man Wanted (Must Be Genuine), Second Best - Best Man, Joint With A Jukebox, Old Man's Tale.

Tejay Holandes Reached No 4 in the EMS European Independent Country Chart March 2000 with "Walk Your Boots Outside The Door" a song written by T.J. along with Phil Oswald, her writing partner since 1999 and one that proved popular with the line-dancers. Retaining a top 20 position for 11 weeks this prompted both Tejay and Phil to record an Album using the songs they had already written.

Another track on the album that also did well, making the top ten of the same charts was "Johnny Black," another line-dance type song that coupled with the lively, banjo driven "Wild Turkey Chasers" make up the first 3 tracks on here. You could therefore be forgiven for thinking this album was aimed directly at the line-dancers, but there also some slower ballads on here like the title track "Learning," a song that tells of learning to take life's knock-back's plus "Second Best - Best Man" a story of losing out in love through one's own stupidity. "I'll Make It Easy" is a good power ballad that tells of the break-up of a relationship and has a male lead vocal. On looking in the credits, the voice belongs to one Jamie Ferguson. I haven't heard the name before, but he has a very appealing voice!

With "You Won't Break Me," "Joint With A Jukebox" and the funky "Man Wanted" bringing the line-dancer friendly tracks to 6 out of the ten, I have no doubt, that is the area where this album will probably pick up most sales. But that said, there are some good, well-written songs on here and T. J. Holandes and Phil Oswald are definitely a partnership to watch out for in the songwriting department.

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