Terry Smith

Spokes In The Wheel

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How Big A Love
Next To Ice Cream

Track Listing
Spokes In The Wheel, The Light's On In My Heart, How Big A Love, Next To Ice Cream, The Chicken Song, Willie, Too Much To Do For The Blues, One Door Closes Another Opens, This Songs For You Babe, Honky-Tonk Song, Bitter, Rhythm In My Ramblin' Shoes, One Song, The Lord Is My Shepherd.

For this latest album, Terry Smith moves away from the 'theme' idea of his previous two outings to offer a mix of songs that show the many different sides of this talented singer/songwriter, with each side compared to "Spokes In The Wheel."

"The Lights On In My Heart" is a good shuffler that tells of still loving someone after the break up of a relationship and hoping they'll come back, while "One Door Closes, Another Opens," "One Song," "Honky Tonk Song" and "Rhythm In My Dancing Shoes" are good catchy tunes that are sure to get you two stepping' around the floor. If you like story songs then take a listen to his story of "Willie," all about a black stranger who wandered into a cowboy camp and was hired as cook, or the wonderful and humerous "Next To Ice Cream" about a father raising his son alone after his wife left. I love the line, "He'd say, daddy, next to ice cream, I love you best and I'd say I love you too you little pest." Terry shows more of his humerous side with "The Chicken Song," a song that tells about standing up to a bully, complete with chicken cluck imitatation's, while "Bitter" is a good play on words that has the subject upset and bitter about his wife leaving him. Listen to the chorus........ "Bitter! Have all our years of love come down to this. Bitter! I had to plead one last parting kiss. But when our lips touched how she started into cry. 'Cause I bit her when I kissed her goodbye."........... Good fun!

As I mentioned in my review of Terry's last album, "Texas Roots," the song that has been his biggest success to date, was "The Far Side Banks Of Jordan," a Gospel song, successfully recorded by Johnny Cash with his wife June Carter Cash and also covered many times since by other artists who include, Grand Ole Opry veteran Ernie Ashworth among them. Well Terry includes another couple of Gospel tunes on here with "How Big A Love" and "The Lord Is My Shepherd." (A Terry Smith original not to be confused with the Psalm of the same name).

In the liner notes, Terry says, this album is dedicated to his fans, many of whom asked him to include certain songs performed at his shows on his next album. Their input definitely influenced his song selection for the album he says. Due to being extremely busy these last few months, it has taken me a while to get round to reviewing this album, that was released earlier this year(2001), but "Spokes In The Wheel" is yet another fine release from Terry and hopefully, I will get the chance to review more of his material in the future.

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Terry Smith - Texas Roots

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