John Hazelwood

Where Did My Country Go



Where Did My Country Go is a self produced CD on the TrailDust Records label from John Hazelwood in San Ramon, California. The 12 songs contained here are all self penned, opening with the title track, very much on a similar theme to "Murder On Music Row", looking at the demise of traditional country music drifting over the airwaves. The hurtin', loosing her theme runs through the album with "How Many Times Are You Gonna Break My Heart?" and "A Hurtin' Song For Julie". "Letter From Outside" is one of those forlorn prison songs with the offender feeling lost and alone, just praying for a letter from his loved ones. The following track continues the story with the letter finally arriving from "Dearest Dorothy", breathing new life into the captive's soul. Brighter horizons are found "Thinkin' Sunnybeachin' Rio", but unfortunately our intrepid traveller gets dumped again by his girl.

Where Did My Country Go is an album of good ol' boy country music engaging a large influx of traditional fiddle & steel and including the musical talents of some fine musicians; sadly there is no mention of who their identities might be. A keen interpreter of the emotional landscape, a little variation in the vocals and tempo would enhance the songwriting. No squeaky-clean ballads here, just lived in songs that add grit to the album, with John Hazelwood singing from his country soul.



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