Brice Henderson

Talk Of The Town



Brice Henderson was born and raised in Maryland (a suburb of Washington D.C.) He was instilled with a love of music from an early age with the radio always on in the kitchen. Brice says that he first learned to play the radio and then the guitar. After playing in several high school bands, Henderson moved to Fort Collins, Colorado where he became involved in the local club scene. In 1977 Henderson packed up and headed out to Nashville, where he found it tough to become established. Finally BMI hooked Brice up with Scott Tutt in 1981 and things began to happen.

Brice Henderson's first album yielded 3 Top 100 singles and he was one of Billboard's Top Ten New Country Acts in 1983. In 1986 Brice produced a Gospel album and a little while later the opportunity came to join the newly formed Rosebud Records.

Brice Henderson and Rosebud Records now have a long established working relationship, with Talk Of The Town being Henderson's most recent release. New Christian Music and Gospel Music is much in demand in the USA and with Talk Of The Town, Brice Henderson offers 12 tracks very much in this vein. Henderson either writes or co-writes several of the songs here and Rosebud's own Vera and Fate Vanderpool contribute the title track and "We Will All Rejoice". With story-telling at its best and a background of mandolin, piano, crying dobro and fiddle "Talk Of The Town" tells of a young man who died high on a lonely hill with two thieves by his side. Another sensitive story-song tells of the desperation and tribulations of today's youth with "Never Had A Prayer". Cyndia and John Wendell (who have collaborated with the songwriting of our own Sue James and Lorna Flowers) along with George Pruitt lend the up-beat "When You Get On The Rock".

Talk Of The Town embraces some highly talented musicians with a top class production. Brice Henderson has a voice that prickles the back of the neck as he closes the album with the traditional hymnal "How Great Thou Art". At times life can be a little difficult, with Brice Henderson and Talk Of The Town we have the offering of a little Christian love to raise the spirits under a gospel banner. 
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