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Alan Cameron

This Is

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Bingley's own son Alan Cameron has long been a popular solo artiste on the British country scene. You will catch Alan around the local clubs or festivals performing his own songs along with his own colourful style of presentation.

To give us a taste of Alan's expressive songwriting talent, his most recent CD release This Is, contains 12 tracks all self penned, offering a wide selection of arrangements. A Cajun influence is found with 'I'll Prove My Love For You', with 'Getting Down To Basics' securing a bluesy interpretation with an effective change in time signature half way through. 'This Paradise' takes on a Latin American beat as we are swept away to a tropical beach, where soft breezes fan the palms and the sounds of cicadas fill the air.

The quite strength of Alan's voice is filled with warmth that sparkles like a soft summer night sky filled with twinkling stars. With pearls of tenderness he shows his sensitivity with the warmth of the lullaby 'Close Your Eyes'. 'Remembering' is the most haunting song in this collection, offering the melancholy of those wonderful yearning memories that can soften the heartache when the one you love has passed on.

Alan Cameron also takes us down life's own crooked path with 'Chickened Out Again' looking at a love-sick young man who can't find the courage to declare his feelings to the girl he idolises. If you love those heartbreaking tear-jerkers of broken and lost love affairs, 'I Don't Think I Could Take Another Fall' and 'Another Heartbroke, Lonesome, Cheating Song' are just perfect and with the addition of twin fiddles 'Getting Over You', would be perfect for western swing.

Produced by Pete Haywood who also adds his own steel guitar talent along with the musical prowess of daughter Rose, Steve Beighton, John J. Paul and Tony Richardson. "This Is" leaves you lingering for more, seeing Alan as a keen interpreter of the emotional landscape with a treasure-chest of soul searching songs with clever descriptive and intriguing stories that he just longs to share. This Is Alan Cameron!