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This Town

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This Town, a self-produced CD released on the Gen*u*ine Recordings label by Texan J.D. Faron finds 12 tracks in all, 9 written solely by Faron with the driving "Tennessee Train" co-written with Tyler John. Rich Young lends "Lucky Me" and Flatt/Scruggs' "A Hundred Years From Now" is given an up-tempo country edge with the inclusion of some superb dobro playing from The East Side Flash who also co-produced the album. It isn't often that we hear the use of the dobro on country recordings today which is more usually reserved for bluegrass. It really is cheering to see the dobro used to perfection on This Town.

Some fine authentic country music sets the mark with "It's Here", followed by the pain and misery of "This Town"…the album's title cut. "Hey Baby, Sweet Baby" and "Yesterday" are not for me which I see as a couple of throwaway tracks often found with many albums. The album on the whole is top class with "Stolen Love" slowing the mood down for a weepy, while "Somewhere Out Of Albuquerque" picks up the pace and sets us back on path of true love with the longing strains of Herb Steiner's steel guitar.

Starting out with a bluegrassy style "Tennessee Train" soon changes tempo to a slow rocker with teasing glimpses of dazzling lead guitar work. A wonderful close to this album comes with "Going Home". Top-flight musicians and plenty of good old snivelling country music can be found here. This is country music as we know it and love it with that heady mix of honky tonk - West Coast pattern that drifts back to a time when country music was full of sentiment, meaning and had big strong boys crying into their beer!!!
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