Shirley Malcolm Sheppard comes from a long line of Scotch/Irish Southerners on both family sides who boast some fine musical talent. Her paternal grandfather, Ganny Malcolm, was a popular fiddle and mandolin player in Georgia in the early 1900s, and her mother was a renowned multitalented instrumentalist and singer in the late 1920's. Shirley plays the piano and writes songs.

Shirley put music aside and concentrated on an education, a career, and raising a family. After a long hiatus, she returned to songwriting in 1999, and has been successful in having two of her songs recorded. Pine Grove Bluegrass Band recorded "Forgetting You" in 2000 and Grand Ole Opry star, Ernie Ashworth recorded "Reminiscing" in 2002.

Shirley is also a published poetess and several of her poems were selected to be included the 1986 volume of "New Voices in American Poetry" which received wide distribution in the US including all public libraries.

Shirley is the Publisher, Editor, and contributing writer of the Florida Country Music News. She is also a member of the distinguished International Platform Association. The IPA brotherhood embraces many US Presidents, authors, educators, and politicians and membership is through invitation and approval of the Membership Committee.

Visit Shirley's website to hear some her songs.


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