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Contributing German Journalist, Christian Lamitschka, Talks To

C. L: Could you please introduce yourself to the European readers that do not yet know you.

S. A: My name is Suzanne Edwards Alford I was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. I'm a naturalized American citizen I travel back and forth and all over the United States. Looking forward to coming to Europe. I was overseas last year definitely looking forward to going to Germany, looking forward to meeting people there.

C. L: Do you think there is a difference between Canadian and US country music? We are seeing Shania Twain, Terry Clark, all these Canadian ladies coming onto the music charts, so do you think you have good roots?

S. A: I think we have great roots I think what we have is an eclectic blend of roots because country music in Canada is based on folk music and Celtic music, based on Cape Britton Island music. We all grew up with that type of music the instrumentation was a little bit different but and I think that because it's such a melting pot of European, English, Irish, Scottish, Hungarian, German and Swiss. I think we naturally have this blend that is influenced by American roots country music. But it's also influenced by the world flavors of music as well. I think we have a little bit of a blend up their that's got a different kind of a feel then cross that with American country music and you get a new flavor it's not different it's got a little bit of it's own flavor I believe it is interesting.

C. L: Your current CD is titled The Arms of a Good Woman is there a story to that title?

S. A: Yes there is, it's talking about a woman and a man and she's watching him and realizing that there's a place that he goes when he's having a moment, a happy moment or a sad moment but sometimes where is that place?" The Arms of a Good Woman" is where he needs to go. You always will be safe in the arms of a good woman. I always like to say in the arms of a good woman you'll find comfort to give a hug to give love and they are strong arms.

C. L: What is your personal favorite song on the album and why?

S. A: Wow, that's a good question, well there's a song on there that I did not write but I love this song and it's called "A Small Star"it's based on a hymn like a prayer even a small star lights the distance and that's what your courage means to me. When I recorded the song I recorded it last on the album and because of that it felt like this was the story. It was everything leading up to this place it was courageous even to record the album, even to do what I do but in every person there's that part of someone and it has to be courageous. We meet someone everyday who's more courageous than I could ever hope to be, so when I sing that song it means kind of the culmination of everything I've ever been through in my writing and so that's a special song to me because of where it came from.

C. L: Who pushed you in the music business and who is your biggest fan?

S. A: My Mom, she's right here in the picture, that's my Mom. My Mom sang and played the guitar since she was young, she's Greek she went from Australia to New Zealand met my Dad on a ship and they went to England, then they traveled all over Europe, my Mom is my biggest fan she's the one that keeps me going.

C. L: Do you have any message for your European fans and how can they keep in touch with you?

S. A: Yes, I am really looking forward to making relationships, and friendships that will still be alive when I am seventy- five or eighty years old. The way they can get in touch with me and meet me is on my website www.suzanne' it's the destination, it's the place to go. It's a place to visit, it's very interactive there's a lot of things you can find there photo's, bio's links to my town in Canada were I come from, there are contests going on, cooking contests, cookbook contests also.

We are about to have the website translated into seven different languages, quite shortly you'll be able to click on the flag German, French, Italian, Korean, Spanish you'll be able to just click on your flag and it will take you to your translated language so I am really excited about that because I see myself as an International artist I don't just see myself just in the box in order to be able to reach more people and to communicate with people this is a really exciting thing for me. My personal joy is to study languages I speak and read French, Greek, English a little Spanish a little Japanese a tiny little German I sing in German, I sing in Italian. I'm about to do something really interesting with my project which is to have some of the songs translated into different language so that when I am over seas I am able to sing the song in the language of where I am, even one or two like that. I like to be able to communicate with a lot of different people.

Christian Lamitschka

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