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Lance Allen Interview

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Lance Allen is a new signing to top Independent record label, Universal Sound Records.
Lance and his band have earned the respect of venues and fans around Texas, for his distinctive vocals and elements of surprise in their high energy stage show.

I interviewed Lance in August 2000.

Ray Grundy
Lance Allen

  What was life like for a young Lance Allen growing up in Texas?
  Well I would say that it would be typical of any young boy or teenager in South Texas. I grew up on a ranch, just outside of San Antonio and we did all the typical ranch things, we had cattle and horses and other livestock to take care of, and my day's were pretty full of that. When I wasn't at school we'd do chores and stuff and of course at weekends we'd get an opportunity to go out to a dance or whatnot, and take in some good country music. That was about it until I graduated high school and went off to college.
 Do you come from a musical family?
  No I don't! Nobody in my family pursued music in the past, I was just fortunate enough to stumble on this when I was a teenager. I picked up the guitar and started singing a little bit and realised I had some kind of a talent to do it, so I pursued it and God willing we're just going to keep goin' and see what happens.
  What sort of music did you listen to growing up?
  It was mostly country music, but there again, here in Texas that's the predominant style of music that's played around here. As a teenager of course I went through that phase where Rock & Roll was real hot, but it's always been basically country music and traditional country music at that.
  When did you decide to seek a career in music?
  Oh I'd say probably about 2 to 3 years ago is when I finally decided to quit playin' around with it and get serious about it and try try to make a livin' at it.
  These day's, the fans tend to expect a little more than an artist just standing in front of his band, belting out the songs. Tell me something about a Lance Allen show!
  Well we do things a little bit different in our show , we're what you'd call a high energy kind of a band, we like to interact with the folks that are out to see us play. We move around the stage a lot, we jump about here and there, you never know, you might look up and see me in the middle of the crowd with a guitar or a microphone, singing a song, or standing on a speaker or on a railing or something. I try to get away from doin' that so much anymore, but we're still very high energy and we really enjoy what we're doin', cause we believe that if we're having a great time on stage, then the folks out front are gonna have a great time too.
 How far do you go out now with your live shows! Do you still just play around Texas?
  Well as you know, Texas is a really big place and yes, we are still playing here in Texas for the most part. We do a lot of travellin', on the road quite a bit, but we are starting to move more and more out into the surrounding states to play some shows and we're real excited about what's goin' on for us right now.
  You must have been pleased to get a chance to release an album with such a great independent label as Universal Sound!
  Ray, I want to tell you, we were extremely blessed and very happy to be picked up by Universal Sound. T. Jae and Pat and his crew up there do an awesome job, and we've been very pleased with the way he's been distributing the material overseas and around the world. I couldn't be happier!
There are songs on the album by some of Nashville's finest writers! Who picked them?
Well, Ronnie Pfeil my manager and myself did all the picking of the songs on the album, we had to go through many, many, many tapes and songs and demo's from various writers around before we came up wit what you have on the album now. We were goin' for tryin' to stay true to the traditional country roots and yet show some diversity with this being our debut album. We really wanted to show that we could cover different styles of music and yet keep it country.
My favourite track on the album is the Whitey Shaffer track "Where Love Started Out!" Whose idea was it to record that?
Well Ray, I'd have to say that was my idea, I really like Whitey Shaffer's writing. As you know, he's written many, many hits for some of the biggest stars in country music, and when I first heard that song, I was really taken with it and I knew it would be a good dance tune and a good easy listening tune. So I decided it had to be on the album!
What is you favourite track?
Well, that's a tough question! Each and every one of them have a special meaning to me. The last three selections on the CD were written by a dear friend of ours who has since passed away, so they have a sentimental value to me. The rest of them, I've listened to, and given my mood or whatever, I don't have a particulay favourite, but I would have to agree with you that "When Love Started Out" would probably be a little bit head and shoulders above the rest as far as what I really enjoy on there.
Have you ever written any songs of your own?
Oh man, no way! I leave that stuff to the professional's, I don't do much writing. It's not that I don't think I could, it's just that I'd need to sit down and spend some time doing it.Everything I write tends to sound like a nursery rhyme, I feel everything has to rhyme, which we know isn't necessarily true. I leave that to the professional's, I'm just gonna stick to singin' them for them.
Y ou're music is solid country, but what if a major label offered you a contract with the proviso that you went more pop crossover?
(Laughs) Ray, that sounds like a real good question to me. Actually, honestly, what I'm hoping that Nashville and the major labels will do in the future, and we're starting to see the tide turn towards us and getting away from so much of the pop music and getting back to the traditional country music that grew this music into what it is today, and that's where I'm really hoping is where these major labels are going. Only time will tell!
How would you like to see the future for Lance Allen?
(Laughs again) Come on Ray, that's two in a row on those loaded questions. Of course I'd like to really be successful at this country music thing and be a big major superstar, but, you know, that doesn't happen for everybody and what I'd really like to do is just go out and do our music and stay true to country music, and see where the good lord let's it go.
Any ambitions to tour Europe, and maybe come to see us in the U.K.?
Oh absolutely! I'm looking forward to that with great anticipation, in fact T Jae, there at the record label, and I have talked about it, and as you know, at Universal Sound they do a great job over in the U.K. as well as all of Europe, and play many shows over there during the year and I'm hoping that in the next 6 months or so, I find myself on a ticket over there. I'd really love to come over and play for you guy's!
Is there anything else you'd like to tell the listeners before we say goodbye?
Yes Ray there is! First of all I'd like to thank you very much for having me on this programme and taking the time to talk with me, and for letting me get out to the people a little bit. Secondly, I'd like to thank all of the folks that are in your listening range here, for listening to the music, and requesting the music, and god bless you all and please just keep it up, I hope to see you all real soon over there.


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