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Ray Grundy
Kerrigan La-Brooy

  First of all, I am most probably pronouncing your surname wrong! How do you pronounce it? It sounds French, am I right?
  Yes you are right. It's pronounced "Labroy" as though there's just one "o" and not two. Interestingly my First name is "Irish." So it's an Irish/French name :-)
 Can you tell us a little about yourself and about where you're from?
  I was born on the Tropical Island Paradise of Ceylon - a colony of the British and the Dutch, an English speaking Nation. Later it gained independence and was renamed Sri Lanka.
  How did you first became interested in Country Music!
  I guess I was born and bred in Country Music. My Mum and Dad used to sing at parties and such in them good 'ole days and in fact that's how they met and fell in love. We used to eat, drink and sleep Country Music where often Mum would gather the family round (5 siblings) and Dad would play the guitar and we sang our little hearts out. :-)
  Who are your idols in Country music?
  I don't have any "idols" as such but I admire Garth Brooks very much.
  How would you describe your style of Country Music?
  Very versatile - I can either cater to the Traditional or Mainstream audiences. It depends what the demand is for at each particular performance. Personally I prefer the uptempo, toe-tapping, country-rock stuff where I can move and shake around, but then I like the slow, romantic ballads too.
 You've just had your debut release on the media only Hotdisc, resulting in Inernational exposure for the song, "Country/City Unity." How have you found the reaction to it up to now?

 In one word..........."WOW!" It's been awesome. Totally amazing. I am so thankful to the Media, the DJ's and promoters like yourself and all the fans and listeners and my manager Allan. Your support has been so encouraging and I appreciate it from deep down in my heart. And a special Thank You to Stuart Cameron and his Hotdisc Label. He is the best and always so approachable and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone, anytime. He is a very honest and trustworthy person.

"Countrycity Unity" is currently #16 on the EMS EUROPEAN CHARTS and I'm like, "Wow, way to go!" Also in just 3 weeks I'm at #14 on the WORLDWIDE MAINSTREAM CHARTS. And furthermore to make the EUROPEAN MOST PLAYED ARTIST CHARTS with just a single track completely knocks me over with a feather. I'm a very "happy chappy" and I hope this success continues and thank you everybody.

  You co-wrote the song with Garth Porter, who also produced the track for you! Have you done much writing? Do you see yourself writing all your own material in the future?
  Yes I write alot - unfortunately not as much as I would like to because of Promotion, Performing, Touring etc. As for writing all my own material - I think I will always like to throw in one or two of someone elses compositions because that would add variety. But I want 90% of it to be my own in the future, yes.
You have a 3 track CD out! Are they all self penned songs?
Yes all three are. The 3rd track is a Gospel rendition with just me and my guitar.
Are you planning another release on the Hotdisc?
For sure. With the current success of "Countrycity Unity" we can hardly wait!!!!!!
What about the musician's in your band, can you tell us something about them?
They were all hand-picked from around Australia. The very best who play for Australia's leading artists. Both Garth Porter and I wanted the best right from the start, so even though it put the recording back a little, we are glad we settled for nothing less. They are true professionals and fantastic to work with.
Have you done much touring up to now? How far do you get?
Lots of touring around Australia - New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and all over Victoria. But overseas we've been to the USA for an INDEPENDENCE DAY Performance and we also did a UNICEF TOUR of Sri Lanka.
Do you have any ambitions to go to Nashville?
Oh yeah!!! I'm terrified of "flying" but I do it when I have to. But there are two places where my fear of flying would fly out of the window. One of them is Nashville.
What about Europe! Are there any plans to come over here?
That's the 2nd place where my fear of flying will disappear :-) We cannot wait to get to Europe. And we're hoping it will be in 2002 depending on whether the people want us or not. "I've always dreamed of a White Christmas." :-) I absolutely love Europe.
Kerrigan, it's been great talking to you and I would like to wish you all the best for your future success!
Thank you Ray - the pleasure was mine. Talk to you soon and thanks for all your support.


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