Paul Burch
'Wire To Wire'

© 1997 Paul Burch

Borrowed And Broke
Winners Circle

Track Listing
Winner's Circle; Drifting Texas Sand; Rosa Lee; I Am Here; Borrowed & Broke; Percy Lynn's Run; Some Of These Days; Ring The Bell; I Turned A Corner; This Time Next Year; When You Go Wrong; Disciple; Walking To McCourey; Long Tall Glass Of Water.

This is the follow-up album to' Pan American Flash' originally released in 1997 and they have now been re-released on the Spit & Polish label, a division of Shoeshine Records.

Wire To Wire contains 14 great tracks, all by Paul, or associated with him except "Drifting Texas Sand" a jazzy, blues number but with a haunting steel guitar in the background giving it a Hawaiian flavour, an effect which is used on some other tracks.

The Opening track "Winner's Circle" carries you along with the feeling that you are actually riding the in the horserace. "Rosa Lee" and "This Time Next Year" are the ballad numbers on the album and a story of lost love is told in the gentle "Walking To McCourey".

I saw Paul in Manchester recently when he was touring with Laura Cantrell and he gave a very polished performance, and although playing solo acoustic, he still commanded the stage and the audience.

Paul is accompanied by his WPA Ballclub band and has also gathered together a host of top class musicians to enhance the effects. Every track is a story of life relating to the good, the bad, the heartaches and joys of life and love and hate. "I Turned A Corner" soars along with the feeling of joy, on coming to one's senses, after returning to a loved one and the fast paced western swing number "When You Go Wrong" tells about about a man giving his wayward partner a taste of her own medicine and her reaction to it.

Top yodeller, Ranger Doug, appears on "Some of these Days" and "Long Tall Glass Of Water" and in the latter you can picture Roy Rogers singing as he rides along the trail.

The whole album is so authentic, true to life and full of meaningful songs, that you would think that they had been written in the heyday of Ernest Tubb, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams and other artists of this era. This is a cracking album and to be honest I listened to it on numerous occasions and find something new in it every time I play it. It is an album that commands your attention because it has so much to say, something that is lacking in most of today's offerings.

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CD Reviewed by Don Hay for Metro Country