Tim Holcomb
Cowboy On The Run

Track Listing

Cowboy On The Run, Love At First Sight, The Story, Gonna Have Love, Take My Hand, One Hell Of A Fall, Train Song, Back To Yesterday, Along For The Ride, Another Single Day

Tim grew up in the rural hills of Arcadia, NE. He had always wanted to play guitar and sing from a very early age and at 13 met a travelling musician, Floyd "Smitty" Smith. They formed a friendship that set Tim off on his ambition to be a country star.

It was while at college that he developed his musicianship and songwriting skills and at the age of 24 went on the road for 10 years touring the states and sharing the stage with the likes of Tim McGraw, Bellamy Bros, Dan Seals, Brooks & Dunn plus many more top artists.

Tim has always kept to the traditional country style in singing and writing. He took time off the circuit and returned to the hills to develop his writing skills and spend time with his family. It was during this time that an incident happened that inspired him to write "The Story". He was instrumental in capturing a burglar and wrote the song which related the old west to the modern day crime scene and it created a lot of interest. Tapes were sent to the legendary producer Joe Gracey and a recording session was arranged at Willie Nelson's recording studio at Pedernales Studio with some top class musicians and "Cowboy On The Run" became a reality. All the songs excepting tracks 4, 9 and 10 were written by Tim Holcomb.

The title track "Cowboy On The Run" tells the story of what life on the road is all about. We then go into the jazzy "Love At First Sight" a story of exactly what the title says. "The Story" is a true-life experience when Tim and two friends formed a posse and captured a burglar and it compares the similarities between the old west and a modern rural community. "Gonna Have Love" is the Buck Owens classic, a person who influenced Tim.

The next two tracks slow things down a little with the love song "Take My Hand" and the reminiscing "One Hell Of A Fall". The rocky "Train Song" gets us moving along again at breakneck speed and we are brought back to a more melancholy atmosphere with "Back To Yesterday". The album closes with two songs by Bristol Pete, the western swing number "Along For The Ride" and the sad "Another Single Day".

This is an album I would thoroughly recommend to any lover of traditional country and stands on a par with albums produced by many of today's top stars. Marvellous musicians accompany Tim's great vocals and it is very well produced.

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Reviewed by Don Hay for Metro Country
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